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Just Cause movie is an origin story

Has Rico's grappling hook/parachute combo.

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The Just Cause movie is the origin story of game protagonist Rico Rodriguez, and hopes to emulate Bond flick Casino Royal.

In an interview on the Just Cause website, L+E Pictures' Adrian Askarieh and Eric Eisner explain why Just Cause is ripe for Hollywood adaptation.

"It's a great action/adventure with a strong central character; two must have elements for a good action film," Askarieh said.

"The epic scope of the games and, as Adrian said, the Scorpion character is what fascinated me," added Eisner. "I felt that we had the building blocks to make a very good action film and one that could hopefully translate into a franchise."

The film will lift the Scorpio organisation, central character The Scorpion and the Grappling Hook from the games. It's an origin story for Rico, detailing how he transforms into the Scorpion character. Secondary characters such as Sheldon will also turn up. Action sequences and stunts are described as "hyper-real".

"Obviously, we want to please the fans of the games, otherwise we should not have made a deal for the rights," Askarieh said. "But it's important to realize that films and videogames are two different mediums and although you have to be true to the DNA of the video game, you have to be aware that you are constructing a film which needs to first and foremost work as just that: a film."

Eisner echoed Askarieh's sentiment. "My philosophy has always been that you need to do the right thing for the film. The videogames have already been made and they are great. But you can't deliver the same experience to the audience; otherwise they should just sit at home and play the games.

"You need to be true to the DNA and spirit of the game but create a film that works on its own merits. If you do that, I think that not only the Just Cause video game fans would be pleased but you will also create a new fan-base for the property."

Michael Ross, whose credits include the 2006 horror flick Turistas, is writing the script based on a story the pair are "very excited about". The title of the film will be revealed in January.

"We wanted our Casino Royal, if you will, and Michael is the perfect writer to execute that," Askarieh said. "He starts from reality and grounds the story in a plausible universe. Once you have done that, the audience will believe all the extraordinary things Rico/The Scorpion does in the story."

Just Cause 2 was released earlier this year and picked up 8/10 in its Eurogamer review. It sees slightly bonkers secret agent Rico trying to destabilise the island nation of Panau by... well, using his grappling hook to attach henchmen to passing aeroplanes.

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