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New Edge of Twilight details emerge

Think ICO and GOW meet Soul Reaver.

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FUZZYEYES has said its upcoming action adventure game Edge of Twilight will blur the lines between good and evil like no game has done before.

Speaking to Eurogamer, developer boss Wei-Yao Lu said nothing in the game's world will be done without some sort of justification; so instead of good and bad there is simply perspective.

"A lot of games that blur the lines between good and evil will focus more on giving you two choices that are obviously good and bad," Wei-Yao Lu said. "What we're doing is putting the player in a world were nothing is, or has been, done without justification.

"A lot of the atrocities in the game (as well as the good things) are things that we see in our own world and in our own societies. There are two sides to every story, basically."

Edge of Twilight is a Steampunk fantasy for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

You play the role of amoral bounty hunter Lex who is an outcast from the two opposing societies that make up the world. He is a halfbreed of these light and dark factions, and also the key to preventing them both from slipping into darkness.

Story is "totally fundamental" to the game and an area the developer wants to "push boundaries in". It will do this by allowing you to shape the world by your actions; the more you explore a side-quest the bigger its chance to flow in to and affect the main story, for example.

Edge of Twilight will also feature a persona system at its core, which has Lex effectively becoming a different character depending on the realm he is visiting.

"As the day persona, reflecting the industrial race, you're strong and forceful with the ability to operate machinery, break the scenery and bludgeon enemies in a manner tha's less than graceful," continued Wei-Yao Lu. "As the night persona you represent the spiritual race and your movement is much more swift and agile, opening up new areas to explore, and your fighting style also reflects this.

"Many environments will require you to use both of these abilities and your brain to find an exit, which allowed us to make some mind-bending environmental puzzles that span over the two realms."

There is a large area of character customisation on offer - although this is no RPG, so these will be various upgrades and things like fresh moves, combos and finishers. Perhaps you can put Burger King hats on or maybe sombreros.

Edge of Twilight will not include multiplayer, although both Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will have achievements you can earn and then show off online.

If you had to compare Edge of Twilight to an existing game, then Wei-Yao Lu is setting his team some hard acts to follow.

"Personally, I would say that gameplay-wise we'd be the love child of ICO, Soul Reaver and God of War. But as far as the art direction goes I really can't think of anything similar," he added.

Edge of Twilight is due out next year.

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