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Fuzzyeyes denies Edge of Twilight doom

Despite employee reports of cancellation.

Developer Fuzzyeyes has revealed that work on Edge of Twilight, while temporarily suspended, will resume again in January.

Staff laid-off by the company said the Steampunk fantasy game had been canned. That now appears not to be the case.

"Currently all outsourcing parties still working hard on EOT development," Fuzzyeyes told Kotaku.

Edge of Twilight, announced last year, aimed to explore the relationship of good and evil through Lex - a half-breed of the fantasy world's light and dark factions. He changes shape depending on the persona he chooses to pick: day is bright and bold and strong whereas night is swift and agile and sneaky.

Edge of Twilight is in development for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. There are some early screenshots to take in, proving this game has spent a fair stretch in development.

The original plan was to launch this year. Now no date is known.