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PlayStation is 15 years old today

Celebrating with Hooch and Cat Deeley.

Sony's iconic PlayStation brand is 15 years old today, having first been unleashed in Japan on 3rd December 1994.

That grey machine changed the industry forever, although we Europeans waited until 29th September 1995 to join the revolution.

To date, the console these days referred to as PSone has shifted a colossal 125 million units around the world, a figure topped in console land only by PlayStation 2, which has sold a whopping 138m units globally.

According to Sony's corporate site, the PS3 had sold 27m units worldwide as of September 2009.

Elsewhere, Microsoft's Xbox brand has been around for eight years, whereas Nintendo has been making games since 1974 - although the launch of the NES in 1983 probably ought to be considered its true beginning.

To mark PlayStation's 15th birthday, Sony Japan has drawn a pretty picture on its website.