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May 2014 Archive

    1. Pikmin 3 adds new stylus control option
    2. The Evil Within footage is pure next-gen Mikami
    3. Watch Dogs PS3: has last-gen hardware had its day?
    4. Watch Dogs: stuck in the unfunny valley
    5. Another World live-action short film is out of this world
    1. Xbox One's Games with Gold offer requires you stay subscribed
    2. Oculus and Samsung team up to make VR headsets - report
    3. This Mighty No. 9 gameplay is absolutely, definitely not at all Mega Man
    4. Former Mythic boss eulogises the fallen Warhammer studio
    5. Rise of Nations: Extended Edition due next month on Steam
    6. The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us confirmed for PS4, Xbox One
    7. How about Skyrim meets Banished meets Fable 3?
    8. If Grand Theft Auto 5 were a Commodore 64 game
    9. Elite: Dangerous Premium Beta dated, entry costs £100
    10. Metro Redux is brighter, shinier, with "far fewer compromises" on console
    11. Lords of the Fallen: Don't you call it Dark Souls
    12. Total War: Rome 2 Pirates and Raiders DLC announced
    13. Meet Retrobooster, a cave-flyer inspired by Lunar Lander
    14. Relic's five-year plan for Company of Heroes 2
    15. War Thunder imminently adding PC-PS4 cross-platform play
    16. Mythic Entertainment is no more
    17. FIFA World beta review
    18. Cel-shaded action RPG Shiness shines on Kickstarter
    1. Take-Two suggests more Red Dead and BioShock games to come - report
    2. Chris Roberts explains Star Citizen dogfighting module delay
    3. Eerie stealth nightmare Tangiers sure is shaping up nicely
    4. Sonic Boom reveals jungle badger Sticks, the latest gang member
    5. Harmonix lays off 37 staffers, replaces CEO
    6. CEX selling Xbox One without Kinect from £315
    7. uPlay issues affect Watch Dogs on PS4 and Xbox One, too
    8. A very basic first look at the new Unreal Tournament
    9. Sony rejigs PlayStation Plus to offer two games per month for each platform
    10. The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4 is due next week
    11. Arma 3 sales pass the 1m mark
    12. Watch Dogs PR stunt goes awry, summons bomb squad
    13. Drakengard 3 review
    14. The Wolf Among Us: In Sheep's Clothing review
    15. Grave business: ET, Atari, and the reason some games need to be buried
    16. Dragon Quest 8 out on iPad, iPhone and Android devices today
    17. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare comes to PS4 in 1080p60
    18. Video: Let's Replay Dungeon Keeper with Not Peter Molyneux
    19. Ratchet & Clank HD Trilogy Vita release date announced
    20. Final Team of the Season squad available in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team
    21. DICE vows to continue to support Battlefield 4
    22. Relic saves Dawn of War multiplayer from destruction by moving to Steam
    23. Fiendishly difficult platformer 1001 Spikes due next week on Steam
    1. Former SCEA CEO Jack Tretton joins AI startup Genotaur
    2. Battlefield 3 is free on Origin for a week
    3. The Wolf Among Us next-gen retail listings have popped up
    4. Watch Dogs outsold any Ubisoft game ever in 24 hours
    5. Watch Dogs performance analysis
    6. THQ sure left a lot of cool stuff in its former HQ
    7. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare teased for PlayStation
    8. Video: Mario Kart 8 live stream
    9. You can now buy Battlefield 4 Battlepacks
    10. The next Hitman has a building larger than any location in Hitman Absolution
    11. Can a mobile game really Save the Seas?
    12. Microsoft boss counters Xbox spin-off talk
    13. Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse: Episode Two out today on Vita
    14. Pullblox World and Chibi-Robo! Nintendo eShop release dates announced
    15. VR sci-fi adventure Loading Human achieves its Kickstarter goal
    16. State of Decay's Lifeline DLC is due this week
    17. Steam Controllers delayed until 2015
    18. The Steam Controller ditches its touchscreen
    1. Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition's DLC won't migrate from GFWL to Steamworks
    2. Watch Dogs PC unplayable for many due to Uplay errors
    3. thatgamecompany receives $7 million for its next game
    4. Watch 16 minutes of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel gameplay
    5. Does Watch Dogs deliver on its stunning E3 2012 reveal?
    6. Final Fantasy 3 out on Steam soon, "optimised" for PC
    7. Sacred 3 release date brought forward to 1st August
    8. Watch episode one of live action Street Fighter series
    9. Watch Dogs Preview: Placing Power in Your Palm
    10. Watch Dogs review
    11. Video: Watch Watch Dogs, dogs
    12. Sony announces Chinese PlayStation 4 launch plans
    13. Use your phone as a mic with SingStar PS4
    14. Creator of Papers, Please announces Return of the Obra Dinn
    15. Xbox One without Kinect matches PS4 price in Japan
    16. Wolfenstein: The New Order UK's second biggest launch of 2014
    17. MotorStorm creator's next game is… CyberCook
    18. Only Eve Online could warrant a history book
    19. Face-Off: Wolfenstein: The New Order
    20. Video: Watch Dogs' mad Digital Trip mini-games revealed
    1. Video: Let's Replay Maximo
    2. Video: Things you must try in Watch Dogs
    3. Final Fight retrospective
    4. Digital Foundry: hands-on with Project Morpheus
    5. Local multiplayer is back, but is it here to stay?
    1. Digital Foundry vs Mario Kart 8
    2. Expansions are back, but what makes them great?
    3. Ripple Runner Deluxe is a fantastic free rhythm-based autorunner
    1. CTF will return to Titanfall PC following player complaints
    2. Star Wars: Attack Squadrons has been cancelled
    3. Spec Analysis: Project Morpheus
    4. Forza 5 is getting two more DLC packs
    5. The internet hivemind can now collaborate to play Hearthstone
    6. Hearthstone beta "validated" free-to-play approach, Blizzard says
    7. Don't snog your arm, play Realistic Kissing Simulator
    8. Split/Second director launches Kickstarter for Rage Ride
    9. Coming home? The return to SimCity
    10. "Approximately half" of PlayStation 4 users now have a Plus subscription
    11. Maia Early Access review
    12. What does Fallout: New Vegas' lead designer want from Fallout 4?
    13. Performance Analysis: Wolfenstein: The New Order
    14. Telltale's The Walking Dead writer lands Star Wars film
    15. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U will make use of NFC toys
    16. Total Chaos is a beautiful open-world horror mod for Doom 2
    17. Planetary Annihilation adds a single-player mode
    1. Amplitude HD's Kickstarter campaign succeeds on its last day
    2. Tropico 5 review
    3. Samsung is developing a VR headset - report
    4. Blizzard is suing Starcraft 2 hackers for profiting off mods
    5. Video: Wolfenstein: The New Order censored version comparison
    6. Brink dev's F2P FPS Extraction renamed back to Dirty Bomb
    7. Among the Sleep awakens next week on PC, Mac and Linux
    8. Sony: PS4 "likely" to exceed profits earned from PS2
    9. Xbox One's Powerstar Golf is now a free-to-play game
    10. Minecraft Xbox One, PS4, Vita editions due in August
    11. Mix Tetris and Lemmings to make MouseCraft
    12. The Space Hulk: Deathwing game looks like this
    13. XBLA scam costs Microsoft $1.2m
    14. Video: Far Cry 4's first story details leak
    15. Forget Dragon Age, indie RPG Witchmarsh has Jazz Age
    16. SimCity review
    17. WWE 2K15 undertakes a UK release date
    18. How Firaxis is building its Civilization: Beyond Earth
    19. Diablo 3 100% Legendary drop-chance buff made permanent
    20. Epic - yes, that Epic - has made a Flappy Bird clone
    21. Local multiplayer is gaming's holy grail
    22. Video: Child of Light in words and pretty pictures
    23. Video: Full Bore live stream
    24. Video: Outlast: Whistleblower live stream
    25. Video: Scram Kitty and His Buddy on Rails live stream
    26. Inside the world of the Spelunky record-chasers
    27. Moody sci-fi adventure The Fall lands on Steam next week
    1. LittleBigPlanet Vita dev reveals surreal PS4 adventure Hunger
    2. ZeniMax sues Oculus over stealing VR tech
    3. Wii vaporware horror game Sadness is resurrected for Wii U
    4. Steam adds option to remotely stream games locally
    5. Dark Souls director now president of From Software
    6. PS4 premieres pre-loading with Destiny
    7. Vanishing of Ethan Carter release date and console talk
    8. Xbox One external storage support coming in June
    9. Video: Seven video game scientists who should have known better
    10. Face-Off: God of War Collection on PlayStation Vita
    11. Batman: Arkham Knight trailer teases in-game footage
    12. The Elder Scrolls Online's Craglorn update due this week
    13. Tomodachi Life will come with codes for two free trial versions
    14. New iPhone game Bounden requires two players to dance together
    1. Wasteland 2 confirmed for August release
    2. The Forest priced and dated for Early Access
    3. Titanfall PC removes CTF and Pilot Hunter from public playlists
    4. Microsoft reveals the Surface Pro 3
    5. Child of Light confirmed for PlayStation Vita in July
    6. Video: Wolfenstein: The New Order live stream
    7. A €50 virtual reality headset powered by your mobile phone
    8. John Lewis couldn't fulfil any £112 Wii U orders
    9. Xbox One's Skype app is now finally Snappable
    10. This is what Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls looks like on PS4
    11. See Microsoft's new Arctic Camouflage Xbox 360 controller
    12. Witcher 3 dev vows: "no exclusive content for any platform"
    13. Wolfenstein: The New Order review
    14. Video: Wolfenstein: The New Order's retro Easter egg revealed
    15. Dark Souls will be supported on GFWL "for the foreseeable future"
    1. Insomniac CEO Ted Price donates $7500 to Harmonix's Amplitude HD Kickstarter
    2. Limited ammo FPS roguelike Heavy Bullets hits Steam Early Access
    3. John Oliver imagines a gay-friendly Nintendo multiverse
    4. Super Monkey Ball Bounce re-envsions Peggle this summer
    5. Eurogamer readership survey 2014
    6. Dead Island: Epidemic launches closed beta on Steam Early Access
    7. Video: Let's Replay Super Mario Kart
    8. Why THQ canned Bulletstorm dev's LA Noire-like game, Come Midnight
    9. Layoffs hit Rare following Kinect Sports Rivals flop
    10. Worms Battlegrounds gets May release for PS4, Xbox One
    11. Google eyes $1bn YouTube buy-out of Twitch
    12. GOG "would definitely consider" Steam-style Early Access
    13. Sunset Overdrive's respawns: should more games rethink the little things?
    1. Taking arcades out of the underground
    2. Chasing the Dragon
    3. Tech Analysis: Half-Life 2 and Portal on Android
    4. Ridge Racer retrospective
    1. Why Xbox One's ambitious media strategy failed
    2. The worst World War 2 history lessons games ever taught us
    3. Video: More gorgeous Mario Kart 8 retro tracks compared to originals
    4. The end of gimmicks?
    1. Americlap is the most intentionally stupid, monotonous game since Desert Bus
    2. The Witcher 3 may run slightly better on PS4 than Xbox One
    3. How Road Redemption is reviving a lost genre
    4. Video: Mario Kart 8's MKTV and replays revealed
    5. Killzone PS4 Intercept DLC adds four-player co-op
    6. Titanfall: Expedition review
    7. This is a video of Skyblivion, which is Oblivion in Skyrim
    8. Gears of War 4: "It's only been 100 days"
    9. In Theory: Does Kinect-free Xbox One mean more power for games?
    10. Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One expanded draw-distance shown off
    11. Stories with dice: the thrill of old-school D&D
    12. Bungie to update Halo PC with GameSpy server fix
    13. UK retailer John Lewis sells Wii U cheap as chips
    14. Cosmic Encounter review
    15. Transistor dev lifts the lid on its new game plus mode
    16. PS4 and Xbox One double sales of predecessors during first six months in US
    1. Introducing CleverPet: the world's first game console for dogs
    2. Time-stopping action puzzler Superhot launches Kickstarter
    3. GTA Trilogy comes to Amazon's Fire TV and Kindle Fire
    4. The Division delayed until at least Q2 2015
    5. The Stanley Parable's narrator comes to Dota 2 as DLC
    6. Ultra Street Fighter 4 release dates announced
    7. Video: Titanfall DLC live stream
    8. Thomas Was Alone iPad launches today
    9. 100% boost to finding Legendaries in Diablo 3 this week
    10. There was a canned third-person Call of Duty game set in Vietnam
    11. Video: See Sunset Overdrive in glorious action
    12. How the developers of Endless Legend see the end in sight
    13. Video: See moody exploration game Sunless Sea in action
    14. US TV actor cast in Halo digital feature - report
    15. CD Projekt Red promises "no more delays" for The Witcher 3
    16. Philips wants Wii U banned for patent infringement
    17. Nintendo announces free downloadable 3DS Pokémon game
    18. 3D Realms reveals PC and PS4 action-RPG Bombshell
    1. Flappy Bird is coming back in August with multiplayer - report
    2. Starbound dev is helping crowdfunded RPG Heart Forth, Alicia come to fruition
    3. There's a new Left 4 Dead... for Japanese arcades
    4. The Witness to run at 1080p 60fps on PS4
    5. Valiant Hearts: The Great War and Ubi's big push on the digital front
    6. Better without Kinect
    7. Microsoft will refund your Xbox Live Gold subscription, post-paywall removal
    8. '80s-inspired co-op shooter Tango Fiesta gets Early Access date
    9. PlayStation Store May Madness sale begins
    10. Microsoft and publishers talking Kinect-less Xbox One performance boost
    11. Sony expects a significant loss next year too
    1. Video: Titanfall's three new maps shown off
    2. The Humble Bundle goes daily for a fortnight
    3. Rockstar has something next-gen coming by Q1 2015
    4. Xbox One without Kinect "levels the playing field" with PS4
    5. Swords & Soldiers HD dated for Wii U next week
    6. Confirmed: Watch Dogs PS4 900p, Xbox One 792p, both 30fps
    7. Microsoft won't reward early Xbox One adopters following Kinect-less console
    8. Among the Sleep is coming to PS4 with Project Morpheus support
    9. Video: Assassin's Creed, Far Cry references spotted in Watch Dogs
    10. The Walking Dead: In Harm's Way review
    11. The Walking Dead: A House Divided review
    12. Microsoft to sell Xbox One without Kinect for £349
    13. Video: Super Time Force live stream
    14. Microsoft to remove Xbox Live Gold paywall for streaming apps
    15. Nintendo won't launch Wii U successor until it has "satisfied" current owners
    16. Giger's shadow: the legacy of the great Swiss artist
    17. Titanfall to add "extreme" 144fps support - on PC
    18. Bound By Flame review
    19. Kaz Hirai and Sony's top brass sacrificing bonuses
    1. Half-Life 2 and Portal go portable on Nvidia Shield
    2. Watch Dogs runs at 1080p 60fps on PlayStation 4, Sony says
    3. Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition dated, confirmed for old and new consoles
    4. Video: Let's Replay Morrowind
    5. GOG limited-quantity spring Insomnia Sale begins
    6. DriveClub micro-transactions will let you quickly unlock cars
    7. Mirror's Edge-like A Story About My Uncle out this month
    8. Pokémon Art Academy arrives for 3DS in July
    9. West-made "large-scale online titles" from Square Enix this financial year
    10. Korea's fighting passion: The rise and rise of CafeId
    11. Face-Off: Child of Light
    12. 50 EA games will have their servers shut down
    13. Microsoft releases Xbox One party chat, system update tweaks
    14. Russia hits The Sims 4 with adult rating due to same-sex relationships
    15. Titanfall Xbox 360 DLC "will naturally follow behind"
    16. Harmonix releases free-to-play Record Run for iOS
    17. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire remakes headed to 3DS this November
    18. Snoop Doggy Lion's new video is very Pokémon
    19. Sir, You Are Being Hunted review
    1. HTC One M8 review
    2. Nolan Bushnell: Gaming's absent father
    3. Midnight Resistance retrospective
    1. The craziest military tech in games that's actually real
    2. The Junior Mint re-imagines Seinfeld as a Peggle clone
    3. Killing Floor 2 announced, will be very gory
    1. Ex-WayForward staff announce charming platformer Adventures of Pip
    2. Nintendo refuses to allow same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life
    3. Hyper Light Drifter dev announces four-player brawler Kyoto Wild
    4. Kentucky Route Zero keeps on truckin' with Act 3 available now
    5. Trippy optical illusion-based FPS VizionEck is coming to PS4
    6. Indigenous Alaskan tribe reveals wintry next-gen platformer Never Alone
    7. The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode 3 is out next week
    8. Video: Bound by Flame live stream
    9. Cel Damage HD crashes PS3, PS4, Vita next week
    10. The fall of Towns
    11. Netflix subscription rising to £6.99 in the UK
    12. Banjo-Kazooie, Viva Piñata packs headed to Kinect Sports Rivals
    13. What's included in DriveClub's free PlayStation Plus Edition?
    14. Video: Six of the best game trailer soundtracks.
    15. Indie time-travel puzzler Project Temporality gets Steam release date
    16. Minecraft maker Notch clarifies "Mojang to disband in 10 years" reports
    17. How are Sega's video games selling?
    18. EA launches Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment
    19. Borderlands 2 for PlayStation Vita arrives in May
    20. Keflings dev releases Xbox One puzzler Nutjitsu in US
    21. Plants vs. Zombies currently free on Origin
    22. Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One won't have "infinite" PC worlds
    23. Age of Mythology: Extended Edition review
    24. The Way looks like Another World by way of Sword & Sworcery
    25. Goat Simulator's disturbing lore finally explained
    1. Sherlock Holmes adventure Crimes & Punishments is due in "early September"
    2. CoD: Ghosts' Devastation Pack is now available for PS4, PS3 and PC
    3. Sunset Overdrive debuts gameplay footage
    4. The next Unreal Tournament will be free, developed with the community
    5. The DualShock 4's light bar was developed for Project Morpheus
    6. Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies release date announced
    7. Video: The Last of Us: Reclaimed Territories live stream
    8. Dead Island dev delays Dying Light until February 2015
    9. Pure Pool lines up summer release, adds Xbox One version
    10. The Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 and Xbox One delayed by six months
    11. Performance Analysis: Daylight on PS4 and PC
    12. Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist Of Arland gets UK date
    13. Now there's a free-to-play Soulcalibur mobile game
    14. Sega's new mobile game Dragon Coins is 2p machines meets Pokémon
    15. Sunset Overdrive was originally "the Insomniac version of DayZ"
    16. How Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive mixes gunplay with rail-grinds
    17. Team17 picks up Dlala Studios' 2D brawler Overruled!
    18. Historic real-life Eve monument defaced in days
    19. Watch how fast the Wii U loads with its new quick start menu
    20. Nintendo shows off Mario Kart TV for smartphones
    21. Dark Souls 2 shifts over 1m
    22. Dead Rising 3 sales rise to 1.2m as Capcom enjoys profit boost
    23. Nintendo reveals Skylanders-style figurine platform for Wii U, 3DS
    24. Meet the man who made 12 games in 12 weeks
    25. Don't Starve to receive free multiplayer "late this summer"
    1. Risen 3: Titan Lords dated for August
    2. The 7th Guest 3 launches a crowdfunding campaign
    3. Bridging World of Darkness gap "frankly too much" for CCP
    4. Valiant Hearts: The Great War dated for June
    5. F2P MMO War Thunder now playable via OnLive CloudLift
    6. GTA Online's High Life expansion arrives next week
    7. Video: Monstrum offers procedural scares on a creepy boat
    8. Early Steam Greenlight title Towns abandoned
    9. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 review
    10. GameRanger battles to keep multiplayer alive after GameSpy server shutdown
    11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer imagined as a classic LucasArts adventure
    12. Nintendo slumps to another annual loss after dismal Wii U sales
    13. Angry Birds dev releases its take on Flappy Bird, with IAP
    14. Outcast HD Reboot devs admit Kickstarter defeat
    15. Call of Duty: Ghosts the best-selling PS4 and Xbox One game
    16. Star Citizen dev overturns forum ban on user who called for female-only group
    17. Kickstarter's POW adventure game The Breakout now has a free demo
    18. Hack 'n' Slash is "just weeks away" from Steam Early Access
    19. There won't be a new Need for Speed title this year
    1. Destiny to enter beta in July
    2. Titanfall sold 925K retail copies in the US during March
    3. Renegade Kid teases a "new experimental 2D game for 3DS"
    4. Wii U-exclusive Scram Kitty is due next week
    5. Someone's built Zelda's Temple of Time in Unreal Engine 4
    6. Wildstar open beta launch date announced
    7. Soul Calibur: Lost Swords review
    8. The Breakout: A point-and-click game with player freedom
    9. Indie horror Caffeine recreates Alien Isolation aesthetic on a shoestring
    10. Valve hauls "scam" Earth: Year 2066 from Steam Early Access
    11. Battlefield 4 gets long-awaited Squad Join feature on console
    12. Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer falls foul of GameSpy server shutdown
    13. Suda 51's Killer is Dead hits PC in May
    14. Assassin's Creed 3 lead animator joins Uncharted team
    15. Lumo, a new game from Ruffian's co-founder, is truly enchanting
    16. How did the Eve Online devs do against MMA star Gunnar Nelson?
    17. Microsoft downplays Bill Gates' pledge to support potential Xbox spin-off
    18. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn scores $450k funding goal
    19. Uncensored Wolfenstein: The New Order on PC is geo-locked
    20. Activision to spend $500m getting Destiny off the ground
    21. Republique Episode 2: Metamorphosis review
    22. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gives you a super-powered suit
    23. Behold! The upcoming $499 1080p NES remake
    24. Halo Legendary speed run sets new world record
    1. The Longest Journey lead actress needs money for medical expenses
    2. Infinity Ward absorbs Neversoft
    3. Harmonix launches Kickstarter for a new Amplitude game
    4. The Last of Us' final DLC, the Grounded Bundle, detailed
    5. John Carmack accused of stealing tech from id for Oculus
    6. Tales From the Borderlands reveals first details, screens
    7. Exploring Armello, the entirely original board game bound for iPad
    8. Developing by the sword
    1. The making of The Thing
    2. Spies, lies and Eve Online
    3. Amazon Fire TV review
    4. Solitaire retrospective
    1. Resolution boosted for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on Xbox One
    2. Can you name Hideo Kojima's first game?
    3. Tech Interview: Trials Fusion
    4. Bungie's date with Destiny approaches
    5. No One Lives Forever to live forever on digital distribution
    1. Persona 4 Golden is getting an animated TV series
    2. Star Wars 1313 concept art shows what could have been
    3. The Lost Vikings is now free on
    4. Massachusetts town lifts 32-year ban on arcades
    5. CCP re-imagines PS3 shooter Dust 514 for PC as Project Legion
    6. Arma 3 DLC plan includes helicopters, marksmen
    7. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer, release date revealed
    8. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare micro-transaction pack prices revealed
    9. You'll want a powerful PC to play Wolfenstein: The New Order
    10. Quintillions of permutations: The Rubik's Cube at 40
    11. Evolve community manager fired after Twitter racism controversy
    12. At the gates of Temple Studios: Where gaming and theatre collide
    13. Star Wars savings strike back on Steam, PS3, Xbox 360
    14. Blizzard versus the hostility of MOBAs
    15. Oculus Rift game Eve Valkyrie now runs on Unreal Engine 4
    16. MMO Defiance goes free-to-play this summer
    17. DayZ Standalone sells 2m in just over four months
    18. See the first image of the next Call of Duty
    1. 20,000 Leagues Above the Clouds is a beautiful aerial adventure
    2. Retro RPG Pier Solar HD delayed until June
    3. BattleBlock Theater dated for Steam in a fortnight
    4. Ouya adds free streaming game service beta
    5. Watch CCP's Fanfest 2014 keynote live at 6pm
    6. Video: See Daylight completed in 32 minutes
    7. Elder Scrolls Online players awarded free game time after "launch issues"
    8. American McGee claims "Xbox One will fail in China"
    9. Fancy more pirating after AC4? Here's Steam Early Access title Caribbean!
    10. Ayrton Senna themed content coming to Gran Turismo 6 this month
    11. Transformers Universe founders program packs unveiled
    12. There's a new Wii U exclusive coming this year
    13. Gran Turismo 5 online finale event gives you GT6 cars
    14. PS4 is doing great - but it's a different story for Sony
    15. PS4 gets Sky Go and Now TV from this summer
    16. Don't Starve DLC Reign of Giants out now on Steam
    17. PS4 to receive Nidhogg, Spelunky, Skulls of the Shogun and more