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Former SCEA CEO Jack Tretton joins AI startup Genotaur

A company focused on robotics, early childhood education and gaming.

Former president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Jack Tretton, has joined the advisory board for Genotaur, an artificial intelligence start-up.

Jack Tretton.

The former SCEA exec left Sony in March after a 19 year stint with the company.

The San Diego-based startup has only been around for a year, but it seeks to create new forms of "intelligent interactive interfaces between humans and computers". The company is planning to "license its ground-breaking innovations for use by a diverse array of strategic partners in the fields of digital entertainment, robotics, early childhood education, action figures, and gaming."

That last part is likely where Tretton comes in, given his two decades of industry experience. "Genotaur has an incredibly impressive array of resources and expertise that will greatly enhance the way consumers interact with technology," he said in the announcement about his new role. "I look forward to sharing my passion for bringing interactive entertainment and cutting edge technology products to market with the team."

"Jack's experience in every area of building and operating consumer products and interactive entertainment companies will help us grow our capabilities at Genotaur," said Genotaur CEO and president Tony Simpson. "We are fortunate to have an executive of Jack's knowledge and experience base on our team."

Tretton previously held an advisory board roles with semiconductor company Portal Player and private wealth management firm Forefront Capitol, but this is the first board advisory he's joined since his departure from Sony.