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Planetary Annihilation adds a single-player mode

Cosmic RTS is currently on sale for 40 per cent off.

Uber Entertainment's Total Annihilation spiritual successor, Planetary Annihilation, has added a single-player campaign as a free update to its crowdfunded RTS game.

Entitled Galactic War, this single-player mode puts you in the role of a reawakened Commander with a limited tech tree. Everything in this mode is procedurally-generated, so you'll encounter different maps, item drops, special abilities and perks every time you play.

Interestingly, players are able to determine the "scale and intensity" of Galactic War, and different sized campaigns will outfit you with different starting tech trees and challenges.

Planetary Annihilation is currently on sale on Steam Early Access for £17.99 until 25th May. After that it will resume its regular price of £29.99.

Eurogamer contributor Paul Dean rather enjoyed Planetary Annihilation's Early Access build, though he warned prospective players that it provides a stiff challenge. "Planetary Annihilation is showing itself to be a brutal and uncompromising take on real-time strategy and, as it taps its way out of its shell, we see that its beak is sharp, its talons are cruel," he wrote in his Planetary Annihilation Early Access review. "It's a game that demands your full attention, a game that will reward dedication and diligence (providing you demonstrate enough of it) with the cool balm of victory."

The loneliest planet (to annihilate).

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