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'80s-inspired co-op shooter Tango Fiesta gets Early Access date

Get to the chaaaaapaaa on 4th June.

'80s-inspired co-op two-stick shooter Tango Fiesta will hit - literally punch - Steam Early Access on 4th June, developer Spilt Milk Studios and publisher Mastertronic roared.

This is the game born out of the EGX Rezzed Creative Assembly Game Jam two years ago, when the brief was... the '80s. The team riffed on Predator and Rambo to create a game where you blew away trees concealing enemies to stay alive, and to affect your Decades of Relevance score.

Since then the game evolved into a proper four-player shooter experience, with a load of characters inspired by the iconic action movies of yesteryear. There are loads of levels, loads of baddies, loads of vests, loads of graphics and loads of bangs. There are two videos below charting the team's Rezzed appearances, once in the Game Jam and the following year on stage alone.

Before that, though, the new game trailer.

Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube
Watch on YouTube