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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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The craziest military tech in games that's actually real

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Salutations, Eurogamers. We're but a month away from E3 and marooned in the middle of a serious game release drought. Still, in amongst the news of game delays, there's been a new Call of Duty announced. One that promises Kevin Spacey and robot legs.

It's this 'Advanced Warfare' we're hearing about that got us thinking about the craziest near-future military technology in games actually being considered for real-life deployment. For that, plus the usual weekly sundries, here is Show of the Week.

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If near-future isn't quite real enough for you, how about those moments when games took the fourth wall and kicked a size-nine-boot-shaped hole through it? It turns out this happens relatively frequently, considering it's designed to play with your feeling of immersion; here are the six most startling times when games broke reality.

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Lastly, Capcom isn't done with Street Fighter 4 just yet, releasing a fourth version of the game. Ultra Street Fighter 4 will be available first as DLC in June for Super Street Fighter 4 and the Arcade Edition, and then in August as a budget boxed release. Discover what has actually been added, including new character Decapre, in this video.

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That's it for another week, but for more gaming videos, including the seven things we don't want from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, make yourself comfortable at our YouTube channel. We won't even ask you to take your shoes off.