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Snoop Doggy Lion's new video is very Pokémon

Let's get a Pikachu, then.

My best friend Snoop Doggy Lion has commissioned an ever so videogamey video for his new song Get Away.

The overwhelming influence is Pokemon, as digital Snoop - resplendent in Rastafarian [not Jamaican, idiot! -Ed] colours - explores a cutesy top-down town, before doing battle, Pokemon style, with Major Lazer, producer of the song.

Maybe turn the sound off (via Kotaku).

Cover image for YouTube videoSnoop Lion - Get Away ft. Angela Hunte (prod. Major Lazer) [Music Video]

Writing about Snoop Doggy Lion's new song is really just an excuse to post the video of my rap battle with him again. If you haven't seen it: I win.