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MMO Defiance goes free-to-play this summer

Ahead of season two of the TV show.

Sci-fi massively multiplayer online game Defiance goes free-to-play this summer, Trion Worlds has announced.

The PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game, which ties into the Syfy TV show, is going free-to-play having launched last year at £34.99.

The PC version goes free-to-play on 4th June. Trion is targeting 15th July for the PS3 version, and is working with Microsoft on plans for Defiance free-to-play on Xbox 360, it said.

Why is Defiance going free-to-play?

"Free is better!" Trion said. "As we head toward Season 2 of the Defiance television show, we expect that many new fans will want to join the world of Defiance, and having a system that allows them to experience the Defiance universe for free is good for everyone.

Season 2 of the show starts on 19th June in the US.

Those who already own either a digital or retail box copy of Defiance get a 30-day Paradise Patron Pass and a grant of 1000 Arkforge per account as well as the additional character slots, loadouts, ark keycode capacity and inventory slots.

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