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Defiance MMO now free-to-play on PC

And free on PS3 and Xbox 360 from 15th July.

Trion's sci-fi MMO game Defiance - the game that tied into a Syfy television series - is now free-to-play on PC.

It will be free-to-play on PS3 and Xbox 360 from 15th July.

The move comes shortly before season two of the Syfy Defiance series airs, on 19th June. That'll be on the Syfy channel at 8/7c in the US, and on Showcase in Canada and the UK at 10pm PST (6am BST - yowch).

If you buy into Defiance now you get a pile of XP and currency bonuses and what not. Sweeteners, if you like. Head to the Defiance website to get involved.

A year ago, Eurogamer was more impressed with the Defiance Syfy television series than the game. The series he said had potential if it ditched its playing-it-safe approach, whereas the game, although accomplished in parts, was swamped in convoluted gloop. "Proceed with caution," was our advice at the time.

Here's a new Defiance trailer that's NSFW - now safe for wallets. Groan.

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