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Tomodachi Life will come with codes for two free trial versions

Words with friends.

Oddball 3DS sim Tomodachi Life will come bundled with two download codes for a trial version of the game, which will be redeemable from the Nintendo eShop.

A surprisingly accurate rendition of Martin in the tub.

It means that you'll be to get two of your friends or family involved in the game, which revolves around the lives of your Mii avatars.

Dubbed the Tomodachi Life: Welcome Version, each trial copy will let someone create a Mii character and begin interacting with others.

Complete the Welcome Version and you'll get an exclusive Panda Suit to wear should you go on to purchase the main version.

You'll also be able to import characters from the Welcome Version into the full game.

"As a distraction itself, Tomodachi Life is much more limited than the likes of Animal Crossing - you'll have exhausted all possibilities within 15 minutes or so every time you visit," Martin Robinson wrote in our recent attempt at working out exactly what the game was all about. "Though those 15 minutes are still likely to present a small, perfectly surreal surprise."