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Risen 3: Titan Lords dated for August

New CG trailer shows monsters, spells.

Piranha Bytes' upcoming open-world fantasy adventure Risen 3: Titan Lords is now set for a 15th August release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

North Americans will receive it three days earlier on the 12th.

This will be Piranha Bytes third time at the series' helm and Titan Lords marks the franchise's return to a medieval setting after Risen 2: Dark Waters went for a pirate theme (before it was cool).

Eurogamer contributor Quintin Smith found the last Risen game to be rather lost at sea. "There's simply not a single thing that Risen 2 does well, not its stilted combat, not its transparent towns, and definitely not its plot, which feels like something you'd come up with after passing out with the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD menu music in the background," he wrote in his Risen 2: Dark Waters review. "Then again, there's nothing it does badly either, so it's no thief. Not at all. Just a ship with no star to sail by."

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