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State of Decay's Lifeline DLC is due this week

Adds a new city, story, and military squad to control.

State of Decay's Lifeline DLC is due on 30th May for $6.99 (about £5), developer Undead Labs has announced.

This add-on puts you in the combat boots of military unit Greyhound One as you ward off the zombie invasion in an all new city with an entirely new story.

Undead Labs' Sanya Weathers noted on the game's official site that the DLC is in "final certification" and if all goes according to plan, Lifeline will be out before State of Decay celebrates its first birthday on 5th June. "This may be the first time in gaming history that a game was released before the official public target," the developer boasted.

A trailer for the DLC, hosted by IGN, is below.

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