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State of Decay expansion Lifeline tells army's story

Major addition.

In-development State of Decay expansion Lifeline will shift perspective and tell a zombie survival story through the eyes of a soldier.

"I've got this."

Rather than be a survivor, you'll lead the force sent to protect and organise survivors against the apocalyptic horde.

Your unit Greyhound One will be sent to the outskirts of Danforth city to rescue scientists whose research is crucial. You'll have chain of command and access to off-map support, but your power will dwindle over time.

"You start the game as a well-equipped, well-supported military unit, and then must learn to improvise as one resource after another is depleted... and isn't coming back," wrote developer Undead Labs on its website.

There'll be base protection at the Landing Zone where you can receive supplies and extract civilians. If zombies get in, they'll eat your helpless and precious civilian cargo.

You'll have well-trained soldiers and military-grade weaponry to use at several locations, but when you inevitably become overwhelmed, it'll be up-close and personal brawling.

That's all there is for now.

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