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Keflings dev releases Xbox One puzzler Nutjitsu in US

Second ID@Xbox title released, but UK version currently missing.

Microsoft has announced the launch of Nutjitsu, its second ID@Xbox title to be released for Xbox One.

Developed by World of Keflings studio Ninjabee, Nutjitsu is a Pac-Man-style puzzler with weapons and power-ups.

But there's no UK version yet as a PEGI rating is still being pursued, Ninjabee wrote on Twitter. A version will be launched here "as soon as possible" and in Canada when the game's French translation is finalised.

Priced at $6.49 (about £3.85) in the US, the pocket money-priced title sees you play as a ninja squirrel. Your job is to navigates angular mazes and nab nuts while avoiding samurai foxes.

Originally designed as a Windows Phone app, Nutjitsu is small enough in size that it can run as an Xbox One "SRA" application - the app type used for low-memory, snappable apps that can run in the background. It means you can keep Nutjitsu running while doing other things on your Xbox One, but the downside is you aren't able to stream gameplay via Twitch.

Strike Suit Zero, the first indie title for Xbox One in Microsoft's ID@Xbox scheme, was released last month. And there are many more on the way.

Cover image for YouTube videoNutjitsu Xbox One Announcement Trailer