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The Junior Mint re-imagines Seinfeld as a Peggle clone

Worlds are colliding.

Pippin Barr, creator of such wonderfully bonkers mini-games as Ancient Greek Punishment, Mumble Indie Bungle, and Lo-fi Dick Fight has unleashed his latest hilarious concoction in collaboration with Twitter user @Seinfeld2000: The Junior Mint, a Peggle-like browser game based on a famous episode of Seinfeld.

George seems concerned. If the man pulls through, his triangle painting will be worthless!

But first, a little background on the episode it's based on. Elaine's artist boyfriend is getting surgery. Jerry and Kramer are allowed to witness the operation from the observation deck above. When Kramer brings Junior Mints to snack on during the surgery, the two neighbors get into a spat about whether to munch on them and, before they know it, one of the chocolate candies falls down to the operating room and into the patient... yet somehow nobody sees this.

The man starts to fall ill, but his close proximity to death only makes his artwork increase in value. Lucky for portly pal George Costanza, he purchased one of the patient's abstract triangle paintings, so the dying man's loss is his gain.

Barr represents this ridiculous situation in a Peggle-like game where you launch the notorious pint-sized candy from its package and try to aim it so it falls into the patient's open cavity. It's easier said than done, however, as your path is obstructed by passing by doctors, Elaine, Newman, and Miley Cyrus for some reason. (Who invited her?) The more damage you do to the man's health, the more George will have to donate to the "Human Fund." It's "money for people" after all.

Give The Junior Mint a whirl over on its official site.

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