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CEX selling Xbox One without Kinect from £315

You can trade your Xbox One Kinect in for a fiver.

Second-hand games retailer CEX has begun taking Kinect sensors out of Xbox One boxes to shift the console at a cheaper price.

Log on to the chain's website and you can now only buy an Xbox One without Kinect. The cheapest, discounted price for the console (without a box) is £315.

Xbox One without Kinect goes on sale officially on 9th June priced £349.

Meanwhile, Kinect sensors are now available to buy separately in CEX stores across the country - presumably the ones that CEX has whipped out of Xbox One boxes.

CEX will now sell you a sensor for £20 - even though no Xbox One console boxes without Kinect have yet been shipped by Microsoft.

You can also now trade your Kinect sensor in separately. You'll get a fiver in cash or £8 store credit, if you really want.