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A very basic first look at the new Unreal Tournament

Starring... the Shock Rifle!

This video appears to be the first footage of the new Unreal Tournament game in action.

Oh! Oh oh oh!

This is the Unreal Tournament that will be free on PC (Windows & Mac) and Linux, and developed with the community. It was only announced earlier this month.

The footage is of a very early build - the level is a texture-less arena with boxes - but does feature the one and only Shock Rifle in action. This shoots a purple beam that instantly reaches a target (or it shoots a blob that doesn't), making it the instagib - one-hit kill - weapon of choice.

The new Shock Rifle doesn't recoil yet, but it zaps and blobs in this deathmatch game just fine.

There's no release date for the new Unreal Tournament game but Epic Games hopes to have something playable this year.

In the video, community manager Stacey Conley said: "We're rolling here, so we'll be getting the game out to everybody soon and we're really excited."

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