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Unreal Tournament's first high-textured map shown off

UPDATE: Gun-filled gameplay trailer arrives.

UPDATE 5/3/15 10.20am: Epic has released a full gameplay trailer for its new Unreal Tournament, showing off a number of the game's guns in action.

UT diehards will be able to spot the venerable pulse rifle, minigun, the shell-firing Flak Cannon and goo-shooting Bio Rifle.

Find the new footage below:

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UPDATE 3/3/15 2.00pm: Slowly but surely, Epic's new Unreal Tournament game is coming together. Take a look at this latest footage, for example, showing off the arena shooter's first high-textured map, Outpost 23.

It's a new version of the level originally revealed in the game's first in-engine flythrough back in July last year.

The new version has a number of fresh areas, including a section set outside. Inside, the map's floors and walls are still detailed with pipes and other objects, although surfaces are less shiny, more dirty and worn.

But more than that, the current version plays like it has been integrated into a larger game, with multiple weapons now available and operating correctly. Pulse rife? Flak cannon? Check and check.

You can download a pre-alpha version of the game to play around with now from Epic's official site.

No further release information has yet been released, although the game will eventually be made available for free, and funded through the sale of mods and other items.

Watch on YouTube

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