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This is how the new Unreal Tournament might look

Epic shares "work in progress" in-engine footage.

Unreal Tournament developer Epic has shown off a new in-engine glimpse at how the upcoming game may look.

Speaking last night during a community livestream, art director Chris Perna showed a brief flythrough of a level that had been built in Unreal Engine 4.

Classic sci-fi films such as the original Alien and space western Outland were discussed as influences.

"The overall look is clean, it will allow characters to pop off the background," Perna explained. "It's not the look for the whole game, but I hope the quality of this will pick up through the whole game.

"To me, Unreal and the entire franchise has been a Tim Burton, Batman charicature of itself. Where I'd like to go with the new franchise is more of a Chris Nolan, kind of Batman Begins... Just something a little more polished, a little more realism. But without going over the top and doing what we did with Gears and UT3, making everything dark and grungy."

The project is being developed in close association with the franchise's fans, although it's unclear when the game will be released. Epic has said it hopes to have something playable later this year.

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