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The internet hivemind can now collaborate to play Hearthstone

Twitch Plays Pokémon-style.

A site has launched that allows users to collectively play games of Blizzard's virtual card game Hearthstone, similar to the recent Twitch Plays Pokémon phenomenon.

The number of gestures leaves the game board looking like the Dad's Army intro.

Hearthmind allows you to watch a live match and then make a move yourself, shown on screen by an arrow indicating your mouse gesture.

Every five seconds a decision is picked and the move made.

The result is a confusing mix of genuine moves and attempts at trying to troll those playing properly.

"We shouldn't play Mage. Then we wouldn't attack ourselves so often," one user lamented.

"Coins wasted: too many to count," said another.

The Hivemind account is currently Rank 22 (in Hearthstone you start at Rank 25 and work your way up) although this is probably more due to the fact that you can only gain rank when you are placed that low.

Legend rank may be optimistic.

If you're determined not to spend money on the game, take a look through our guide to the best free Hearthstone decks.