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Hearthstone: Kobolds and Catacombs Guide

The best decks for the new Hearthstone meta and other gameplay guides too!

The next Hearthstone expansion, Kobolds and Catacombs, is expected to go live on the US servers in just a few hours from now, with the UK and Asia regions launching shortly afterwards. The new expansion adds the usual feast of 130+ new cards, and also introduces a few interesting new twists to the established mechanics of the game.

We've teamed up with the Hearthstone experts over at our sister site Metabomb to bring you the lowdown on all of the new content that's launching with the seventh expansion, and a round-up of all the best decks that are beginning to emerge in the new meta. That list will grow over time, and the deck lists and guides themselves will be updated to reflect all the latest developments in the game.

We've also got a brief overview for you of all the new mechanics and content. If you want to find out more about each one (and get your hands on some decks that make use of each new card), head over to the links we've provided.

Update: 11th December 2017

This article has now been updated with all of the latest new and revised deck lists in Metabomb's collection. More deck updates will be made in the days and weeks following the launch of Kobolds and Catacombs.


Here are all of the decks that are looking promising as we head into the expansion launch. We've separated these out into each individual hero, and will be adding to this list rapidly in the days following launch! None of the deck lists are set in stone either, and will be refined continuously over time. Careful what you spend your crafting dust on until things have settled down, eh?










Dungeon Run

Dungeon Run is the intriguing new roguelike mode being introduced with Kobolds and Catacombs. In this new single-player content, you'll need to face off against eight bosses drawn from a potential pool of 48, and slowly build your deck as you go. Things get progressively more difficult as you head deeper into the dungeon, and if you lose a single match it's back to the beginning!

For the full lowdown on beating this mode, check out Metabomb's exhaustive Dungeon Run guide which contains loads of tips, tricks and strategy advice for handling each encounter.

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Legendary Weapons

Every hero in Hearthstone is getting a Legendary Weapon in Kobolds and Catacombs - even heroes that typically aren't allowed to make use of weapons. It's fair to say that these cards represent a bit of a mixed bag in terms of value and power, but some of the most powerful decks in the coming meta are likely to make use of them.

You can find an overview of each weapon and the decks that make use of them in the Legendary Weapons guide on Metabomb.


Spellstones are an exciting new kind of card for Hearthstone. Although their Mana cost remains fixed throughout the match, the effect they cause grows if certain conditions are met. A spell that does X amount of damage in its vanilla form might do Y amount instead if your hero's taken Z amount of damage. Each one can grow twice in order to become increasingly powerful.

Just opened a Spellstone and have no idea what to do with it? Metabomb's Spellstone guide hub contains an explainer on how each one works and a list of decks that make use of them.


A new Recruit mechanic is coming with Kobold and Catacombs. When you play a card with this keyword on it, it'll automatically pull a certain kind of minion from your deck and add it to the board for free. The target might be limited to having a certain Mana cost, for example, or a certain Attack range to qualify.

Head to Metabomb's Recruit guide page for a list of every card featuring this new mechanic, and a list of the decks that currently include them.

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