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Video: See Daylight completed in 32 minutes

Night turns to day.

Daylight, the reasonably impressive horror game from Zombie Studios that marks the public debut of Unreal Engine 4, isn't exactly shy about its two-hour playtime - thanks to its procedurally generated environments, it's a game that can boast of being infinitely replayable.

Ian Higton, who looks to be eyeing up a job away from Eurogamer as professional speed-runner, fancied seeing how quickly he could see it through to its end, and below you can see Daylight being played to completion in a slick 32 minutes. Not a bad effort, all told - though he did have to do it with the sound turned off to side-step the scares, which seems a bit limp. Get a spine Higton!

Cover image for YouTube videoHow to complete Daylight in 32 minutes! - Eurogamer Speed Run