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Video: Daylight live stream

Hold your breath.

Daylight! It's possibly one of Sylvester Stallone's greatest movies, where he takes on his greatest role (Kit Latura!) and in which he faces his greatest foe. A tunnel! And one that won't stop exploding at that. Plus Aragorn's in it, so even though I've never seen it one look at the trailer has convinced me it's amazing. Over on YouTube, EpicFart89 puts it best: 'Tunnel go boom boom! :D'

Daylight is also a survival horror game that's being developed by Zombie Studios and is being written by Jessica Chobot who - full disclosure here - I used to work alongside at IGN but who I only ever really met her once in Cologne and who seemed quite lovely thanks. Not quite as lovely as our Ian Higton, mind, who's live streaming Daylight from 5pm BST today. Daylight is out on PlayStation 4 and PC later this month, and may or may not feature exploding tunnels.

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