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Fancy more pirating after AC4? Here's Steam Early Access title Caribbean!

Does it tickle yarr fancy?

Were you a fan of Assassin's Creed 4's naval combat? Do you need another outlet for your piratical urges? If yes, then Steam Early Access swashbuckler Caribbean! may be worth a look.

A sandboxy mix of RPG, adventure and strategy, Caribbean! offers you a large swathe of the Caribbean to explore.

You can sail the map, board and loot enemy ships or explore islands on foot. There's a range of upgrade options for your character and ship, too.

There's also squad management for large-scale battles, and a trading interface for swapping your stolen goods for loot.

The alpha build of Caribbean! is available now from Steam, priced £10.99, and is due for a complete release this autumn.

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