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The Lost Vikings is now free on Battle.net

As is a "lite" version of Rock 'n Roll Racing.

Blizzard has made one of its oldest and most beloved games, The Lost Vikings, free on Battle.net.

There they are!

The Lost Vikings is a puzzle game from 1992 - back when Blizzard was called Silicon & Synapse - that originally debuted on the SNES before being ported to the Sega Mega Drive, Amiga and PC the following year. It follows the exploits of three vikings who need to work together to find their way out of various rooms after being kidnapped by aliens. Of the three playable characters, only one of them can fight, while another can run and jump, and another has a shield used for protection, gliding, and as a stepladder for his pals. Players have to toggle between all three to make any progress.

Blizzard also added a free version of Rock 'n Roll Racing, though Blizzpro has reported that this is a scaled down "lite" version of the game with only three tracks available, one racer to play as, and a some of its trademark music missing.

For the uninitiated, Rock 'n Roll Racing is Blizzard's SNES and Sega Mega Drive offering from 1993. Portrayed from an isometric point of view, Rock 'n Roll Racing pitted players against one another in hazard-ridden obstacle courses set across various planets.

Both games were later ported to the GBA in 2003.

It's unclear if Rock 'n Roll Racing was scaled back because Blizzard is planning to add the rest of the game as a paid transaction or if its simply a copyright issue. We've requested more info from the developer and will update when we find out what its plans are.

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