November 2014 Archive

    1. How The Bourne Conspiracy struggled to find its own identity
    1. Video: 5 people Batman has definitely killed in the Arkham games
    2. Grand Theft Auto 5: deconstructing the remaster
    3. The Nintendo difference: Wii U's first two years
    1. The Podcast Tom Bramwell testimonial special!
    2. Podcast E3 Special!
    3. Video: Let's Play Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
    4. It seems Samus Amiibo interfere with Moscow's metro barriers
    5. Xbox Japan boss resigns amid dismal Xbox One sales
    6. World of Warcraft, nine years later: Can I get a res?
    7. Tech Analysis: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4
    8. Eurogamer vs Tom Bramwell
    9. Assassin's Creed Unity patch analysed
    10. GAME selling Xbox One and four games for £299
    1. Telltale's Game of Thrones is due next week
    2. It took just two days for This War of Mine to make its money back
    3. Tengami PC/Mac delayed until January due to busy end-of-year season
    4. The Witcher Adventure Game has been released
    5. WWE 2K15 review
    6. Path of Exile gets big update 1.3.0 next month
    7. Compatibility Problems for the PS2
    8. The Longest Journey remastered is coming to iOS "very soon"
    9. Dragon Age: Inquisition bug preventing companion banter
    10. Nintendo superfan earns Guiness World Record for 8000-item collection
    11. Oddworld Stranger's Wrath out now for iOS
    12. Razer announces eSports documentary Team Razer: Great Games
    13. Halo: Master Chief Collection gets new 523MB patch
    14. New Metal Gear Online set for reveal next week
    15. Escape Dead Island review
    16. The Steam Exploration Sale is live
    17. Humble Sega Bundle offers Company of Heroes 2 and the Dreamcast Collection
    1. Ex-Command & Conquer dev's RTS Grey Goo gets a release date
    2. Titanfall's Xbox 360 version to receive co-op next week
    3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's Exo Zombies is coming as DLC in January
    4. Desperately seeking Salty: A WOW fishing tale
    5. Assassin's Creed Unity's Dead Kings DLC will now be free
    6. Leaked Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer reveals zombies mode
    7. DayZ standalone now due in 2016 for €40
    8. PS Plus is getting Injustice: Gods Among Us and Secret Ponchos in December
    9. Games with Gold announces December freebies
    10. SkySaga is the game The Oliver Twins always wanted to make
    11. 14 video games get UK tax relief
    12. Digital Foundry vs Watch Dogs on Wii U
    13. Looks like Sony has snapped up David Jaffe's new game
    14. Learning to raid: in praise of WOW's finest dungeon
    15. Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire sell 3m copies in three days
    16. Sony doubles down on PlayStation 4 as TV and smartphones falter
    17. Catastrophe games: How Spelunky and XCOM helped prepare me for an incurable illness
    18. Bungie Vidoc shows The Dark Below weapons and armour
    19. Big Ultra Street Fighter 4 patch due December
    20. Minecraft gets Xbox-exclusive Star Wars DLC
    21. Advertising Standards Authority warns YouTubers to flag promotional videos
    22. Brianna Wu's next game aims to "replace Twine"
    23. Torchlight is free to download until Sunday on Arc
    1. Teslagrad is coming to PS4 and PS3 next week
    2. Sony to partially refund early US Vita adopters after its "deceptive" marketing
    3. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is getting a massive expansion
    4. Sunset Overdrive's Plague Bomb makes enemies puke to death
    5. Secret Ponchos free upon PS4 release next week
    6. Super Smash Bros. fastest-selling Wii U game ever in the US
    7. "The reality is we're not really interesting"
    8. Tales from the Borderlands released on Steam today
    9. Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 1 review
    10. Mario Galaxy's planetary physics examined in university paper
    11. Battlefield 4: Final Stand review
    12. Limbo launches on Xbox One free for early adopters
    13. Halo: Master Chief Collection dev issues "heartfelt apologies" as matchmaking issues continue
    14. Valve updates gift rules to limit Steam key resellers
    15. Dark Souls 2 heading to PS4 and Xbox One
    1. Etrian Odyssey 5 announced in teaser trailer
    2. Gaming peripheral that drains blood suspended on Kickstarter
    3. Thimbleweed Park succeeds its $375K Kickstarter goal in six days
    4. Video: Watch us play Mini DayZ from 4.30pm GMT
    5. Double Fine lays off a dozen staff, cancels unannounced project
    6. Face-Off: Far Cry 4
    7. Pigeon-dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend is coming to PS4 and Vita
    8. Batman: Arkham Knight trailer swoops into Ace Chemicals
    9. Total War: Attila release date announced
    10. Activision clamps down on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare "exploit" videos
    11. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric review
    12. Xbox One-exclusive Quantum Break stars Lord of the Rings, X-Men actors
    13. Microsoft's Ori and The Blind Forest delayed into 2015
    14. Elite: Dangerous, David Braben and a scale model Cobra MK III
    15. Grand Theft Auto 5 now UK's best-selling game ever
    1. Will Xbox One succeed in China?
    2. World of Warcraft was a defining game of its generation
    3. Face-Off: Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 and Xbox One
    1. Video: The Recipe For A Great Far Cry Game
    2. Face-Off: Dragon Age: Inquisition
    3. Don't call it a comeback: Xbox One's first year
    1. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is free to play this weekend on Steam
    2. Video: Why do video games love lockers?
    3. Lost Ark continues to look incredible
    4. Video: Watch us play LittleBigPlanet 3
    5. DayZ creator Dean Hall rumoured to be on his way to the UK - not New Zealand
    6. Killer Instinct gets Babylonian sorcerer Kan-Ra next week
    7. PlanetSide 2: PS4, free-to-play and leaving money on the table
    8. Sunset Overdrive free for all Xbox Live subscribers tomorrow
    9. BioWare's brilliant Dragon Age: Inquisition sex scene
    10. "I don't want to be a part of piracy"
    11. Trials Fusion update adds ability to form teams
    12. DayZ fan's free 2D tribute now hosted by Bohemia
    13. Fotonica and Velocibox: two brilliant reminders that the endless runner isn't dead
    14. Valve tightens Steam Early Access rules for developers
    15. Telltale's Game of Thrones gets a debut trailer
    16. Frontier outlines Elite: Dangerous refund policy following offline mode backlash
    1. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor gets free DLC today
    2. Call of Duty: Heroes, a F2P mobile game, is out now
    3. Watch Destiny's leaked cinematic for The Dark Below DLC
    4. Bloodborne dev teases a procedurally-generated area
    5. HBO GO is now go on Xbox One (in the US)
    6. The Crew open beta goes live next week
    7. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions has pre-order DLC and platform-exclusive levels
    8. How Smash Bros. owners can redeem Mewtwo DLC, soundtrack
    9. Grand Theft Auto 5, one year on
    10. Performance Analysis: Grand Theft Auto 5
    11. EA announces new Need for Speed game
    12. Fractured Space launches on Steam Early Access
    13. Runescape dev Jagex announces 5v5 FPS Block N Load
    14. Man builds £3K Elite: Dangerous cockpit
    15. Nintendo isn't working on any paid DLC for Super Smash Bros.
    16. Bladestorm: Nightmare release date announced
    17. Final Fantasy 13-2 PC has most, but not all, the console DLC
    18. Microsoft giving Xbox One owners free gifts for first year anniversary
    19. Warlords of Draenor sales take WOW subs back up over 10 million
    20. Halo: The Master Chief Collection matchmaking update out today
    21. Apple removes the "free" label from F2P games
    1. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes' PC requirements revealed
    2. Titanfall Deluxe Edition announced, out now on PC
    3. Heat Signature gets spiffy new graphics and a dev walkthrough
    4. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Director's Cut is heading to PS4 and Xbox One
    5. Combat-free exploration-based MMO Wander is coming to PS4
    6. Defiance now free-to-play on Xbox 360
    7. Domino's app now available on Xbox One in the UK
    8. Video: Six things first person mode brings to GTA 5
    9. GTA 5's next-gen grass compared
    10. Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten splashes £10K on iPad games
    11. The joys of GTA Online
    12. Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn hit by DDOS attack
    13. Far Cry 4 PC users accidentally reveal they pirated the game
    14. 3DS homebrew loader built, requires obscure puzzle game
    15. LittleBigPlanet 3 review
    16. Rockstar "urgently" looking into GTA 5 PS4 and Xbox One transfer issue
    17. Never Alone PS4 delayed in Europe
    18. Make every bullet count
    19. Fangamer's EarthBound media box set raises over $230K on Kickstarter
    20. Majora's Mask 3D adds fishing, alters a boss fight
    21. Doom 2 Ultra Violence speedrun sets new record
    1. This Grand Theft Auto 5 next-gen Easter egg sure is a trip
    2. Shelter and Pid dev releases stop-motion shmup The Blue Flamingo
    3. Maniac Mansion creators launch Kickstarter for spiritual successor Thimbleweed Park
    4. WOW's executive producer apologises for Warlords of Draenor launch issues
    5. David Braben responds to outcry over Elite: Dangerous' ditched offline mode
    6. Assassin's Creed Unity's French Revolution blasted by ex-presidential candidate
    7. Half-Life 2 remembered
    8. Video game price rises spark UK inflation bump
    9. Video: Watch us play GTA 5 in first-person, live!
    10. DriveClub update 1.07 goes live
    11. Hyrule Warriors Twilight Princess DLC release date announced
    12. LittleBigPlanet Final Fantasy 7 remake finished
    13. Destiny patch datamined, The Dark Below weapons, missions, Raid details uncovered
    14. Video: What's new in GTA 5 next gen?
    15. Modder makes console GTA 5 a first-person game
    16. Halo: The Master Chief Collection matchmaking fix due later this week
    17. EA pulls Dragon Age: Inquisition from India due to "local obscenity laws"
    18. Ion Storm's lost Deus Ex Sequels
    19. Just Cause 3 won't have multiplayer at launch
    20. Latest Destiny update unintentionally nerfs exotic weapons
    21. The late Kenji Eno's final project, Kakexun, is now on Indiegogo
    1. Killer Instinct Season 2 reveals third playable character Kan-Ra
    2. Majesco and Midnight City are in dire straits
    3. Human Element drops F2P model, loses publisher
    4. Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault review
    5. Face-Off: Assassin's Creed Unity
    6. The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD review
    7. Elite: Dangerous ditches planned offline mode
    8. Atari ET game landfill spoils fetch $37,000 on eBay
    9. Lost Ark is the best Diablo 3 clone you can't play
    10. Goat Simulator free MMO expansion riffs off World of Warcraft
    11. Assassin's Creed: Unity launch beats Black Flag's in UK chart
    12. Telltale's Game of Thrones shown off in first images
    13. A Bird Story review
    1. Bowling for Liberty
    2. Half-Life 2: 10 years on
    1. Video: 5 sneaky changes to historic Paris in Assassin's Creed: Unity
    2. Digital Foundry vs Far Cry 4
    3. Who needs games: PlayStation 4's first year
    4. Ubisoft addresses every known Assassin's Creed Unity glitch and workaround
    5. DriveClub's premium November DLC will be free for full game owners
    1. Dev who threatened Gabe Newell has returned to Code Avarice
    2. Battlefield 4's Final Stand DLC gets a release date
    3. Project Totem gets a new name and release date
    4. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - PC performance done right?
    5. Watch 10 minutes of 1080p Final Fantasy 15 footage
    6. Performance Analysis: Assassin's Creed Unity
    7. Video: So begins the quest for a new hat in Dragon Age: Inquisition
    8. PlanetSide 2 PS4 beta planned for 2014
    9. Far Cry 4 map editor doesn't support competitive multiplayer
    10. A game jam in his honour
    11. Blizzard confirms World of Warcraft DDOS attacks
    12. Halo: The Master Chief Collection moves to limited playlist in bid to improve matchmaking
    13. Iron Banner 2.0 hits Destiny next week
    14. Toybox Turbos review
    1. Indigenous Alaskan platformer Never Alone gets stunning new launch trailer
    2. Patrice Désilets opens a new Montréal-based studio
    3. Assassin's Creed: Unity launch debacle sparks Ubisoft rethink
    4. Watch Tales From the Borderlands' first in-game trailer
    5. Hardline has the most promising Battlefield campaign since Bad Company
    6. Frontier's Roller Coaster Tycoon successor ScreamRide gets a March release date
    7. Alien: Isolation dev probes PS4 patch problems
    8. How Hardline is learning from Battlefield 4's rocky launch
    9. Video: Join us and play Mario Kart 8's DLC from 5pm GMT
    10. Video: See how Mario Kart 8's new Rainbow Road compares to the SNES original
    11. WOW: there are plenty of level-100 players already
    12. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with GeForce Grid
    13. Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Wii U infinite height exploit lets you skip most of the game
    14. Ubisoft launches Assassin's Creed: Unity live blog as devs battle bugs
    15. PlayStation Vue is a new cloud-based TV service for PS4 and PS3
    16. SingStar Ultimate Party review
    17. Uncharted film gets help from The Hurt Locker scribe
    1. Xbox One has sold in almost 10m units to retailers
    2. Watch Dark Souls 2 beaten in under an hour without glitches
    3. That Dragon, Cancer has taken to Kickstarter
    4. Witcher 3 dev CD Projekt turns cluster-migraine-suffering fan into NPC
    5. Get Witcher 2 free in the GOG autumn sale
    6. See inside BioWare Edmonton with Google Maps
    7. Destiny will be down for maintenance tomorrow
    8. Lego Jurassic World game teased in Lego Batman 3
    9. XCOM: Enemy Within headed to iOS, Android tomorrow
    10. Halo: The Master Chief Collection matchmaking fix due today
    11. Oliver Twins return with SkySaga: Infinite Isles
    12. Don't rule WildStar out yet
    13. Bloodborne delayed by a month
    14. Digging deeper into Halo 5: Guardians' new Smart Scope and Spartan Abilities
    1. The Forest now has two-player co-op
    2. Just Cause 3 has finally been officially announced
    3. Roundabout is coming to Vita and PS4 in "early 2015"
    4. Massive Chalice is out now on Steam Early Access
    5. Final Fantasy 13-2 Steam release date announced
    6. TowerFall Ascension reveals Dark World expansion due in "early 2015"
    7. Five Nights at Freddy's 2 sneaks out on Steam
    8. Blizzard reveals Rogue-only Goblin Auto-Barber Hearthstone card
    9. Assassin's Creed Unity review
    10. Video: One of Assassin's Creed Unity's time rift levels
    11. Telltale reveals Game of Thrones setting, character details, more
    12. Video: Watch us play Assassin's Creed Unity from 5pm GMT
    13. PES 2015 day one patch updates teams, kits and faces
    14. Nintendo shows off another two waves of Amiibo toys
    15. Smart Scoping with Halo 5: Guardians' multiplayer beta
    16. What works - and what doesn't - in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
    17. Halo: The Master Chief Collection suffers launch day matchmaking issues
    18. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare connectivity patch hits PC
    19. Dungeon Defenders 2 arrives on Steam Early Access next month
    20. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth teased for 3DS... and possibly Wii U
    21. Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta is 720p, 60fps
    1. The Banner Saga and Armikrog are bound for PS4
    2. Blizzard details Overwatch, its upcoming competitive first-person shooter
    3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare outsells COD: Ghosts in UK
    4. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 rating hints at third playable character
    5. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is a cautious step forward for Capcom's troubled franchise
    6. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review
    7. GTA: San Andreas Steam update removes songs, breaks some save files
    8. Leaked Halo 5 videos reveal new scope and sprint mechanics
    9. Xbox One November update adds custom backgrounds, Twitter integration
    10. Halo: The Master Chief Collection review
    1. The games that have defined PS4 and Xbox One
    2. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Evolve
    3. Warcraft 2 was terrific, influential - and absolutely ridiculous
    1. Tech Analysis: Halo 2 Anniversary
    2. Everything not saved will be lost
    3. Is Overwatch related to Blizzard's failed MMO Titan?
    4. Diablo 3 Patch 2.1.2 details announced at BlizzCon
    5. Hearthstone's Goblins vs Gnomes cards teased
    1. Metro 2033 is free to download until tomorrow evening on the Humble Store
    2. Blizzard reveals Overwatch, a team-based competitive first-person shooter
    3. Archon Mode revealed for Legacy of the Void
    4. Heroes of the Storm closed beta date announced
    5. Mass Effect 4 concept art teases new planets, species
    6. Goblins vs Gnomes expansion revealed for Hearthstone
    7. BlizzCon 2014 opening ceremony
    8. Tony Hawk is working on a new console game for 2015
    9. Watch BioWare's live Mass Effect 4 developer roundtable here
    10. Elite: Dangerous release date announced
    11. Majora's Mask comparison video shows off 3DS enhancements
    12. Battlefield 4 gets week long free trial on Origin
    13. Which PS4 games block Share Play?
    14. Face-Off: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    15. Assassin's Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4 and The Crew in UK Steam no-show
    16. Video: Has Dragon Age Inquisition's combat found the right balance?
    17. Alleged Just Cause 3 screenshots hint at F2P and micro-transactions
    18. Lords of the Fallen: Ancient Labyrinth DLC announced
    19. BioWare boss polls fans on potential Mass Effect Trilogy re-make
    20. Football Manager 2015 review
    21. Video: Will the Arbiter return in Halo 5: Guardians?
    22. Asymmetrical first-person horror game The Flock reveals new gameplay
    23. Bungie gifts brain surgery patient a one-of-a-kind rifle
    24. Far Cry 4's PC system requirements revealed
    1. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Call of Duty: Ghosts block PS4 Share Play
    2. Frostbite gets "parts of Battlefield 4" running on iOS
    3. Shadowrun Returns dev announces action-roguelike Necropolis
    4. Majora's Mask is getting remade on 3DS... finally
    5. Terraria's "ultimate version" arrives on PS4 next week
    6. Captain Toad is Nintendo at its off-beat best
    7. What's the deal with steering wheels for PS4 and Xbox One?
    8. The Sailor's Dream drifts ashore on iOS today
    9. Ubisoft details The Crew's £20 Season Pass
    10. CD Projekt announces generous Witcher 3 DLC plan
    11. Huge WildStar content/fix patch release date
    12. Nintendo is developing smaller, cheaper Amiibo toys and NFC cards
    13. The Witcher 3 includes Gwent, a Hearthstone-esque card game
    14. Gamer Network is now hiring!
    15. Shovel Knight is finally out in Europe on 3DS and Wii U
    16. Halo: The Master Chief Collection's massive day one update shrinks to 15GB
    17. NES Duck Hunt headed to Wii U Virtual console
    18. Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition Vita and PS3 release date announced
    19. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with Halo: The Master Chief Collection
    20. The Swindle: Dan Marshall's brilliant new cat-burgling platform game
    1. Amiibo unlock extra racing suits in Mario Kart 8
    2. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and Code Name: STEAM get new release dates
    3. Trials Fusion to receive free eight-player online multiplayer this year
    4. Watch this Grand Theft Auto 5 PS3-to-PS4 comparison video
    5. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Collector's Edition adds 1.5 Remix
    6. Stop-motion animated adventure The Dream Machine: Chapter 5 gets a release date
    7. Luigi's Mansion is getting a Japanese arcade cabinet
    8. Video: Watch us play The Master Chief Collection from 5pm GMT
    9. Leaked Halo 2 Anniversary cutscene touches on the Halo 5 story
    10. Freedom Wars review
    11. Unearthed ET copies now going for up to $500 on eBay
    12. Train Simulator dev releases fishing sim on Steam Early Access
    13. EA cancels MOBA Dawngate
    14. Grand Theft Auto 5 first-person mode confirmed for PC, PS4, Xbox One
    15. You bet your life: Jason Rohrer on his upcoming game that requires betting money
    16. PS4 software update v2.01 to tackle Rest Mode problem
    17. Forza Horizon 2's Falken Car Pack is out now
    1. New Mirror's Edge world record speed run sure is dizzying
    2. Watch a fish play Pokémon
    3. Destiny has over 9.5 million registered users
    4. Sony remains "committed to providing Driveclub PS Plus Edition"
    5. Performance Analysis: Multiplayer on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    6. Iron Banner returns to Destiny
    7. The Sims 4 now lets you make pools
    8. The Crew beta key giveaway
    9. The Talos Principle gets a December release date on Steam
    10. Hands-on with Nintendo's final Amiibo designs
    11. Dragon Age Inquisition: the first five hours
    12. After Burner 2, Fantasy Zone, OutRun and more remastered for Nintendo 3DS
    13. Grand Theft Auto 5 gets 55-track CD and vinyl soundtrack
    14. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pre-loaded on PS4 is experiencing issues
    15. Dragon Age: Inquisition's EA Access trial detailed
    1. Retro City Rampage: DX is coming to PlayStation platforms and Wii next week
    2. The Internet Arcade lets you play 900 classic games for free in your browser
    3. Performance Analysis: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare
    4. Handsome Jack will be a playable character in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel DLC
    5. Virginia, the ambiguous, artistic game where the music does the talking
    6. Fallen London dev announces Dragon Age: The Last Court
    7. Super Mario Bros. movie originally a "personal, emotional story" between Mario and Luigi
    8. Hearthstone bot maker forced out of business
    9. Super Smash Bros. 3DS players getting hit by 136-year online bans
    10. Iwata: Nintendo "must consider" ending region locking
    11. Star Citizen first-person shooter gameplay unveiled
    12. Atari ET dig documentary available this month via Xbox Live
    13. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare zombies mode appears to be DLC
    14. Evolve alpha delayed on PS4 due to firmware issues
    15. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Xbox One resolution at least 1360x1080
    16. Advanced Warfare is the finest Call of Duty in years
    17. Sunset Overdrive debuts second in UK chart
    1. Retrospective: Jet Set Radio Future
    2. The seven year shadow left by Modern Warfare
    1. Death to the mini-map
    2. Face-Off: Lords of the Fallen