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Stop-motion animated adventure The Dream Machine: Chapter 5 gets a release date

It's "bigger than all the previous chapters put together."

Episodic stop-motion animated adventure series The Dream Machine is getting its fifth and penultimate chapter on 14th November, developer The Sleeping Machine has announced.

The clay and cardboard series follows the exploits of a couple who've moved into an apartment where "all is not as it seems".

Swedish developers Erik Zaring and Anders Gustafsson launched the first episode of The Dream Machine back in December 2010 and the series is planned for a six-episode arc.

According to the developer, this latest chapter is "bigger than all the previous chapters put together."

You can purchase a Season Pass for the entirety of The Dream Machine on its official site or Steam for £12.99 / €15.99, or purchase episodes individually for £3.99 / €4.69.

For more on The Dream Machine, Eurogamer contributor Dan Whitehead wrote favourably about its debut chapter in our The Dream Machine: Chapter One review. He also interviewed its developer back in 2010 about its ambitious undertaking.

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