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WOW: there are plenty of level-100 players already

A way to Draenor time.

It's been half-a-day and already there are plenty of level-100 players running around World of Warcraft.

A "/who 100" command on European server Bloodscalp moments ago returned 24 people at the new max level, although many were visiting from different home servers.

The expansion content and 90-100 levelling path have only been available since midnight.

It's hard to pin down who hit the level cap first, and there are reports of people racing ahead in as little as an hour, only to be pulled back later by Blizzard for exploiting.

See how I buttered 'em up?

Exploiting? Well, handing in stockpiled items for turn-in quests that reward experience. There's a video of a guy doing exactly that, happy/bored as Larry, until 25 minutes later Blizzard locks him out.

Others had simply practised their levelling routes through the new content during the beta, streamlining their efforts as well as enhancing them with XP bonuses along the way.

One of the level-100 players I talked to on my server explained in a little more detail:

"I turned in 24 dailies quickly using Sunreaver Beacon, Wrap of Unity and Hearthstone.

"Used a lot of Garrison Resources to buy Excess Potion of Accelerated Learning, and then I just levelled and collected treasures."

Another player was more to the point:

"Quests, bonus objectives + treasures. Have fun."

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