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Warcraft movie director outlines what would have happened in the trilogy

In Thrall.

The Warcraft movie could have been a trilogy - if it hadn't been for the film's poor box office performance in the US.

The 2016 CGI-fest based on Blizzard's fantasy universe revolved around the orcs, who portal to the world of Azeroth under the influence of fel magic.

Warcraft ended up grossing $439m worldwide, but it only managed $47.4m in the US, which pretty much ended any hope of a sequel.

But what might have been? Director Duncan Jones has been chatting about the broad plot outline for Warcraft 2 and 3 - yes, it was meant to be a trilogy - on Twitter.


Warcraft ends with the portal to Draenor closed, Durotan, noble orc chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan and the father of Go'el, dead at the hands of evil orc warlock Gul'dan, and Anduin Lothar, the commander of the human army, as leader of the Alliance. A basket containing baby Go'el - aka Thrall from Warcraft legend - is found by a human.

Part two, Jones reveals, "would have been Go'el/Thrall as a young orc slave in Blackmoore's gladiator camp. Here he meets and befriends a Tauren who tells him of another land to the west where his people come from, & where he might find allies & maybe a new home..."

Part three would have seen the freeing of orcs around the Eastern kingdom before the Horde army travels across the sea to Kalimdor to found the city of Orgrimmar.

"Basically the trilogy was the fulfilling of Durotan's promise to give his people a new home," Jones said.

According to Jones, this three-film story arc would have acted as the first Warcraft story, before the Moon and Source Code director handed the reins over to someone else for "the better known Warcraft lore".

"Yeah... it would have been something special," Jones lamented.

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Could a sequel to Jones' Warcraft movie be made at some point?

"I have no idea," Jones said, "and no one I worked with on the film even works at Blizzard anymore."