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Battlefield 4 gets week long free trial on Origin

Now that the game finally works as intended.

EA is offering players a free week-long trial of Battlefield 4 on Origin.

As part of its Game Time promotion, players can download the game and the trial won't begin until they launch it. At that point it will begin ticking down 168 hours in real-time.

Everything in Battlefield 4 is unlocked. That includes the full single-player campaign and 64-player multiplayer. Whatever progress you make will carry over into the full game should you choose to buy it.

This isn't the first time EA has offered this promotion, as it did the exact same thing back in August, but since then Battlefield 4 has seen its biggest update ever. Eurogamer's contributor and multiplayer shooter aficionado Jon Denton spoke highly of the patched version, stating that it finally made the game a worthwhile prospect.

"After all this misery, Battlefield 4 is finally easy for me to recommend," he wrote in his post-patch impressions. "The most unacceptable of messes, the strangest high-profile release I've ever come across, but at last a game I feel comfortable suggesting that other people play."