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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Battlefield 4 is free on PC through Amazon Prime Gaming

Offer is live ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2021 on 21st - 22nd June.

Are you an Amazon Prime member? If so, you can snag a free copy of Battlefield 4 on PC through Prime Gaming. Oorah, etc!

To get it, you'll need to be logged in to your Amazon account, pop over to the Prime Gaming microsite and a code will be sent for you to claim on Origin. The freebie will only be available until 21st June so you'll want to be Oscar Mike to the site quicklike.

I've delved back into the archives to see what Eurogamer's thoughts were on Battlefield 4 at the time of release and, shockingly, it's so far back that the game has actually been given a review score and not a badge. Ah, the memories. "Levolution" aside (remember that!) it scored 8/10, so pretty good!

I'm assuming the multiplayer lobbies aren't exactly well-populated right now, but I'll take a silly set-piece laden single-player campaign for nothing. It seems strange, though, that the newer Battlefield 5 was just included as part of PS Plus last month and that isn't repeated here.

Nevertheless, you can definitely sense the marketing machine whirring into life with this.

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First, we recently learnt that the Battlefield 6 reveal is scheduled for 9th June. A teaser from EA and a leaked internal video both suggest the game will feature a near-future setting. That's about all we really know so far!

Secondly, the date for Amazon Prime Day 2021 was also announced today. It'll take place across 21st - 22nd June.

You can expect us to keep track of all the best gaming offers right here, or you can join us over at Jelly Deals where we will bring you all the other top bargains during the sales event. Some early offers are actually available now, including free access to Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Music for up to four months.