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Battlefield 5 and Wreckfest headline May's PlayStation Plus games

And Stranded Deep's in there too.

Would you like some video games? Do you subscribe to PlayStation Plus? Well then (assuming you answered yes, obviously) here's some good news; three more titles are heading to Sony's subscription service in May: Battlefield 5, Wreckfest, and Stranded Deep.

Up first is Wreckfest, which Sony stresses will only be available for PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS5. If that's you, though, you're in for a treat, with Eurogamer's Martin Robinson calling it a "true successor to the brilliant Destruction Derby" when he slapped it with a Recommended badge in 2019. "Wreckfest offers primal pleasures, and offers them up with little by way of pretension," he wrote. "It also offers them with a little bit of that Bugbear class that made those older Flatout games so treasured, and what a thrill is to have that back after far too long."

Wreckfest - Console Release Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Battlefield 5, meanwhile, is the latest entry in DICE's long-running FPS series, this time whisking players back to World War 2 for some solo, co-operative, and multiplayer shooting action. It was a bit of a mess at launch back in 2018 (despite having the foundations to be "something truly special"), but with two and a half years of post-launch support behind it now, things have definitely improved. As early as 2019, Eurogamer noted DICE's ongoing efforts meant "Battlefield 5 is, more often than not, really really good."

Battlefield 5 - Official Launch Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Last up for PlayStation Plus in May is Stranded Deep, a game that's largely managed to float under Eurogamer's radar. I can tell you though, it's a first-person open-world survival game which aims to set itself apart with a focus on underwater (and overwater) exploration. Think crafting, hunting, building, and a whole host of pointy-teethed ocean dwellers looking to make you their lunch, and you're probably suitably primed for Stranded Deep.

Stranded Deep - Official Launch Trailer.Watch on YouTube

All three games will be available from next Tuesday, 4th May, and can be added to your PlayStation library until 31st May. And if you missed April's offerings, PlayStation Plus subscribers can still pick up Oddworld: Soulstorm (for PlayStation 5), Days Gone, and Zombie Army 4: Dead War until 3rd May.

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