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Prime Day 2023 Day 2: best gaming deals in Amazon's sale

Here are the best gaming deals to be found throughout the last day of Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days.

Amazon's second Prime Day sale, officially titled "Prime Big Deal Days", continues through today and will end at midnight tonight. There are thousands of deals for Prime members to shop, including plenty of incredible gaming deals that you can bag right here thanks to our round-up. We've spotted savings on everything from micro SD cards to lots of PS5, Xbox, and Switch deals. We'll also be highlighting some of the best PC gaming accessories like gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets, as well as other great tech deals such as tablets, Amazon smart devices, and Kindles.

Our hardware experts at Digital Foundry and Rock Paper Shotgun are also keeping track of the best PC gaming deals and tech offers through the final day of the sale. Check out Digital Foundry's guides on SSDs, monitors, laptops, and TVs, as well as Rock Paper Shotgun's guides on graphics cards, Steam Deck accessories, and one ultimate round-up of the best PC gaming deals.

We'll be updating this page with more Prime Day 2 deals as the final day of the sale goes on, so make sure to bookmark this page and keep checking back. In the meantime, check out our list of the best gaming deals below:

Best October Prime Day deals 2023


Samsung 990 Pro SSD with heatsink - 2TB - £129 from Amazon UK (was £191.79) from Amazon UK

Buy now

Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse - £60 from Amazon UK (was £140) from Amazon UK

Buy now

2TB WD_Black SN850X SSD with heatsink - £125 (was £135) from Amazon UK

Buy now

SanDisk 1TB microSDXC card for Nintendo Switch - £105 (was £160) from Amazon UK

Buy now

Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Neon Blue) Switch Sports set + 3 Months NSO - £259.99 from Amazon UK

Pre-order now

Xbox Series X Console (Certified Refurbished) - £400 from Amazon UK (was £420) from Amazon UK

Buy now

Sony InZone H3 Gaming Headset - £50 from Amazon UK (was £89)

Buy now

PS5 Standard console and EA FC 24 bundle - £410 from Amazon UK (was £540)

Buy now

Crucial P5 Plus 2TB Gen4 NVMe M.2 SSD Internal Gaming SSD with Heatsink - £96 (was £159) from Amazon UK

Buy now

Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel - £179 (was £350) from Amazon UK

Buy now

Amazon Fire TV 65-inch Omni QLED series 4K UHD smart TV - £699.99 from Amazon UK (was £1,000)

Buy now

Samsung Odyssey G3 24" gaming monitor - £163 from Amazon UK (was £200)

Buy now

MSI Prestige 16 Studio 16" gaming laptop - £806.66 from Amazon UK (was £1,299)

Buy now

Samsung Evo Plus microSD 512GB - £26 from Amazon UK (was £29)

Buy now

What is Prime Day 2 aka Amazon Prime Big Deal Days?

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days is an exclusive online sale for Amazon Prime members in October. The online retailer is promising "some of Amazon's best deals of the season". Amazon plans to treat its Prime members to lots of early savings and deals ahead of the Black Friday sales and Christmas shopping season.

When do the Prime Day 2 sales start?

The Amazon Prime Big Deal Days 2023 event started at 00:01 am on 10th October and will end at 11:59 pm on 11th October 2023.

Do I need a Prime account to shop Prime Day 2 deals?

Yes, to make the most of any Prime Day 2 deals, you do need an Amazon Prime account. As the name of the event suggests, you will need to sign yourself up for Amazon Prime to take part in the event. If you don’t want to pay out for an account membership, then there is a workaround. Amazon is currently offering new customers a 30 day free trial, so you can use the trial for Prime Day 2 and simply cancel it when the event comes to an end.

Is there an Amazon Prime free trial?

Yes! If you haven't been a member before then you can sign up for an Amazon Prime free trial. This will give you 30 days of access to all membership benefits, including free next-day delivery, video streaming through Amazon Prime Video, freebies through Prime Gaming, and a host of other services. Of course, the most important for us here is the ability to take advantage of all the Amazon Prime Day 2 deals.

You can sign up right here at Amazon UK or Amazon US. Just remember to cancel it before the 30 days pass to avoid being charged for membership. Or, you can keep it rolling, perhaps at a reduced cost if Amazon decides to discount the price of a year-long membership for Prime Day - something it has done in the past.

How do I get the best Prime Day 2 deals?

Set a budget

When confronted with masses of deals, it can be quite easy to be overwhelmed. This is where it’s useful to make a plan beforehand and set a budget. If you are after a few specific products on Amazon, add them to your watchlist or basket and then keep an eye on them to see if they fall into your price range. Alternatively, you could put a sticky note reminder next to your phone or computer that lists exactly what you need and how much you want to spend.

Read reviews carefully

It’s no secret that some reviews on online products are not always genuine. The ones that are sometimes shown at the top of a “review” section can be carefully curated by the company or seller in question. They can even write their own reviews! If you’re looking into making a purchase, make sure to read through more reviews than just the top ones as they can sometimes be biased.

Shop around

Yes, Prime Day 2 can be a fantastic chance to get your hands on great deals ahead of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas, there’s no argument there. However, it’s still worth looking around at other places to ensure you are getting the best price possible. To compete with Prime Day 2, other retailers such as Currys and John Lewis in the UK, or Best Buy and Walmart in the US will often post competing deals too - you could save yourself a few extra quid just by looking around a little bit more before purchasing.

Look for Lightning

Amazon will have Lightning Deals running throughout the entire Prime Day 2 event period. These are often extremely good deals on a plethora of different products and items, but there’s a catch. There are either a limited number of items included in the deal or the deal is only active for a short period of time. As the discounts can be really good, these deals can appear and disappear very quickly. The best way to keep up with Lightning Deals is to regularly check Amazon’s Prime Day 2 Lightning Deals page whenever you can. If you see a Lightning Deals you want, you're going to want to snap it up fast.

Use Item Filters

If you’re looking at the deals on Amazon’s Main Prime Day 2 page, then using the filters on the side of the screen can be a massive help. Doing this can help you stick to your budget by filtering the page to see items at a certain value. The filters can also help you sniff out the best bargains as you can filter items by the percentage discount applied to them, you can filter from 10 per cent off all the way up to 70 per cent and more!

We also recommend checking out Amazon's "Today's Deals" section on the regular, adding items to a wish list, or using a price checker site like Camelcamelcamel to get notified when a product is down to its lowest price. As an extra tip, we recommend shopping around at other retailers to compare prices too.

Will there be any PS5 deals in the second Prime Day sale?

PS5 consoles are relatively in stock these days. We have started to see a few Prime Day PS5 deals, most likely because of yesterday's announcement of the upcoming PS5 Slim.

PS5 accessories have a higher chance of being discounted. In July, PS5 DualSense controllers and official PS5 accessories had some money off.

There will likely be some small discounts on PS5 games, too. AAA games like Elden Ring and Horizon Forbidden West were reduced in the Prime Day sales this year, but perhaps we'll be treated to some more money off in October. In the meantime, check out our PS5 deals page for the latest savings on PS5 games and accessories.

Will there be any Xbox Prime Day 2 deals in October?

We are hopeful to see a price drop on the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X over Prime Day 2. Xbox controllers and headsets could also be discounted. For now, check out our Xbox deals page for the latest savings on Xbox games and accessories.

Will there be any Nintendo Switch Prime Day 2 deals in October?

We're hoping Nintendo Switch consoles will be on sale including the standard Switch, Switch OLED and Switch Lite. If there aren't any discounts on the standalone consoles, then we at least hope Amazon and Nintendo will throw some juicy bundles together. We don't expect many major discounts on first party Nintendo Switch games.

Best Prime Day gaming deals in July 2023

There were big discounts on PC hardware and gaming accessories in the Prime Day sales in July. Some of the most popular Prime Day deals were discounted SD cards and SSDs. This included a 512GB Samsung Pro Plus Micro SD card for just £39 (was £74) in the UK, while a 1TB Samsung 990 Pro SSD was under £80 and a 2TB WD_Black SN850X SSD was £106.

There were also lots of discounts on PC gaming accessories including gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets from brands like Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries, and more. Check out Digital Foundry's best Prime Day PC gaming deals guide to find all the best offerings that Prime Day has to offer.

There were also some Prime Day deals for PS5 accessories, Nintendo Switch consoles and controllers, and Xbox accessories too.

Prime Day deals 2023 highlights


1TB Crucial P5 Plus - £55 (was £119) from Amazon UK

Buy now

2TB WD_Black SN850X SSD with heatsink - £122 (was £159) from Amazon UK

Buy now

Kingston 256GB Canvas Go Plus micro SD card - £17.07 from Amazon UK

Buy now

AMD Ryzen 5 5600 Processor - £122 from Amazon UK (was £220)

Buy now

Nintendo Switch OLED console - Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Edition - £299 from Amazon UK (was £310)

Buy now

Nintendo Switch Pro controller - £49 from Amazon UK (was £70)

Buy now

PlayStation 5 DualSense Controller - White - £57 from Amazon UK

Buy now

PlayStation 5 Console with God of War Ragnarok - £454 from Amazon UK (was £540)

Buy now

Prime Gaming and other Amazon Prime perks

Prime Gaming members could claim four free games in the lead up to Prime Day 2023 including Prey, Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition, Shovelknight, and Star Wars: The Force Unleased.

Other promotions that Prime members could take advantage of included:

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