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Best Amazon Prime Big Deal Days TV deals 2023 - Day 2

The perfect 4K and 8K TVs for HDR gaming on PS5, Series X/S and PC.

lg oled g3 4k tv pictured on a gradient background
Image credit: LG/Digital Foundry

It's a pretty decent time to buy a TV, as Amazon's Prime Big Deal Days has revealed a swathe of nice discounts on a range of 4K and 8K sets as we enter the final day of deals on October 11th - including plenty of Digital Foundry recommended models ideal for gaming on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

We've rounded up our favourite deals from what we've discovered so far, paying special attention to HDMI 2.1 models that include all of the features we most value for gaming - including 4K 120Hz output, variable refresh rate (VRR) support, low input lag and meaningful HDR delivery.

We've broken up our recommendations by technology - so that's LED (cheaper models), QLED (more expensive models with better colour and contrast) and OLED (infinite contrast and rapid pixel response times). We've also sub-divided each category by region, with individual picks for both the US and UK.

Best Amazon Prime Big Deal Days cheap TV deals

an example of an LED 4K TV
Image credit: TCL/Digital Foundry

LED TVs tend to make up the majority of the best budget options. Modern TVs are pretty decent even at this end of the market, but using IPS or VA panels without a quantum dot layer means that these TVs don't tend to offer the best contrast, colour, response times and viewing angles. HDMI 2.1 features are also hard to find here, with most sets offering a maximum of 4K 60Hz presentation that isn't great for fast-paced gaming.

UK deals:

US deals:

Best Amazon Prime Big Deal Days QLED TV deals

an example of a QLED 4K TV
Image credit: Samsung/Digital Foundry

QLED models go from the budget end right up to flagship-tier sets, with a wide range of features. The best models offer brighter highlights that eclipse even OLED TVs, while contrast is better than LED sets but not as good as OLED. HDMI 2.1 features are available on many mid-range models and above, with some sets support 120Hz output at 1080p and others at 4K. Unlike OLED, there's less risk of burn-in, which may be a selling point for people that expect to keep images on-screen for extremely extended periods (eg watching the same channel or playing the same game for many hours without interruption), though modern OLEDs have counter-measures that make burn-in uncommon.

UK deals:

US deals:

Best Amazon Prime Big Deal Days OLED TV deals

an example of an OLED 4K TV
Image credit: LG/Digital Foundry

OLED models are our top choice for 4K gaming, thanks to the unparalled contrast and pixel response times possible with individually self-lit pixels. Viewing angles, colour reproduction and input lag also tend to be excellent.

LG is the best-known maker of OLED panels and makes some great TVs, including this year's A3, C3 and G3. The A3 offers a solid 60Hz presentation, while the B3 and G3 add on 120Hz output and HDMI 2.1 features - making them our top picks overall. These OLEDs are also available in smaller sizes, allowing for use as desktop monitors - though screen burn-in remains possible and using the available countermeasures is recommended with static content.

UK deals:

US deals:

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That's all the deals we've got for now, but check back throughout October 10th and 11th for one-off deals posted here at Eurogamer throughout the day, as well as updates to this very page. We're also on Twitter - @dealsfoundry and @dealsfoundryusa. Cheers!

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