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Project Totem gets a new name and release date

Now called Kalimba, due next month on Xbox One.

Project Totem, the upcoming puzzle-platforming from Max: The Curse of Brotherhood developer Press Play, has been renamed Kalimba.

It's also now set for a 17th December release on Xbox One and a January 2015 PC launch. It will go for $9.99, or your local equivalent (so about £7 in the UK).

Kalimba's hook is that you control two characters at once who move in conjunction with one another across different parts of the screen, a bit like using the cherry power-up in Super Mario 3D World.

Kalimba is going to be playable both as a single-player and co-op game, where it's intentionally quite challenging. Creative director Asger Strandby calls it, "kind of a friendship tester - if you can play the game and high five more than you slap each other, you're probably ready to get married."

Here's how Kalimba looks in action:

Cover image for YouTube videoKalimba Official Trailer