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You can vote on which game the developer of Max: the Curse of Brotherhood makes next

Three concepts to choose from.

Microsoft-owned Press Play has invited you to pick its next game project from a shortlist of three candidates.

The Danish developer is best known for PC and Xbox titles such as Kalimba and Max: The Curse of Brotherhood.

Its next title will either be high-stakes multiplayer survival title Knoxville, open world physics-based vehicle construction game Karoo, or first-person co-op dwarven adventure Dwarka.

You can vote on which you would like to see made via Press Play's website then actually see it made over the coming months via developer blogs.

It's kind of like Double Fine Productions' Amnesia Fortnight game jam, except that now you are the judge.

The only thing you will need to vote is a Microsoft account login (Xbox, Skype, etc.)

Here's a closer look at each:

Knoxville is set inside a Hunger Games-style survival show. All contestants (read: players) can make it out alive, but it will depend on everyone working together - and no one trying to double cross the others.

Karoo will task players with constructing vehicles, from basic cars to complex machines, and then to explore a large environment to gather resources. Think Kerbal Space Program in a Fallout or Rage setting.

Finally, Dwarka. It features procedurally-generated dungeons that you must raid for loot with a team of dwarves. It's also first-person and co-op. You're a dwarf, your friends are dwarves. You get the picture.

Voting is now open and closes 1st September.

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