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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood unexpectedly free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers

Get it before its gone.

You can currently download 2.5D platformer Max: The Curse of Brotherhood for free on Xbox One.

Microsoft hasn't announced anything about the offer - so this may be an error, or just an extra Games with Gold freebie for Christmas.

The recent Thief reboot also became free to download today, as Microsoft's officially announced Games with Gold title.

If you haven't yet played Max, or nabbed it when it was a Games with Gold title previously, it's worth a quick go. The game is a fairly straightforward platformer where you can draw scenery for yourself to stand on.

Nab it via its store page now while it's still free.

"It's a somewhat short, enjoyable and inoffensive game that delivers on the potential of its mechanical promise, if not its narrative premise," Simon Parkin wrote in Eurogamer's review.