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Blizzard confirms World of Warcraft DDOS attacks

Seems only North American servers were targeted.

As European World of Warcraft servers creak under the Warlords of Draenor strain, North American servers face an additional, more severe, problem: a DDOS attack.

It was significant enough for Blizzard to formally acknowledge it in the WOW forum. "We ran into a few other issues [in NA]," explained community manager Bashiok, "including a distributed denial of service attack, that resulted in increased latency."

The latest is that there will be server maintenance on all NA realms from 5am PST (1pm GMT) today, lasting approximately four hours.

WOW Insider shows a picture of what appears to be the geographical origins of the DDOS attack, activity concentrated particularly in China.

European server latency has resulted in caps on player numbers, which meant queues last night. But that was prime-time; today, the Bloodscalp server at least, is up and running smoothly.

What can American World of Warcraft players do except wait? Well, why not try petitioning the White House for government aid in this time of need? Oh, right, some people - more than 2000 - have (via PCGamesN).

Now then, where's the gnome who gave me the quest?

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