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Ubisoft addresses every known Assassin's Creed Unity glitch and workaround

Lets the bodies hit the floor.

Ubisoft may have launched a live blog to keep players up to date with its upcoming patches, but the publisher has also addressed every known issue with the game on its official forums where it's posted workarounds for various glitches.

Every bug is labelled either "fixed", "working on it" or "workaround below" and is divided by platform.

For example, the "Arno can fall through ground" bug has been fixed on PS4 and PC (and doesn't seem to be an issue on Xbox One).

Frame rate issues, however, are labeled "working on it" with the potential workaround: "If playing single player, we suggest that you disconnect from your internet connection (wi-fi or network cable). It could potentially improve frame rate."

On a more pleasant note, "Arno to get stuck in a hay cart next to the Pantheon in the Bièvre district", and "a game crash when joining the co-op session of another player who has a specific single player and side missions progression" have both been marked as fixed.

In the meantime, enjoy this hilarious slice of glitch heaven by YouTuber ZeroX03 Gaming.

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Assassin's Creed: Unity

PS4, Xbox One, PC

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