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Video: The Recipe For A Great Far Cry Game

Plus more from Outside Xbox.

Greetings Eurogamers and congratulations for making it through the November assault course of new videogame releases. Everything gets a bit more quiet from here on in and your poor, abused wallet can breathe a leathery sigh of relief.

This week's Show of the Week concerns itself with nailing down the recipe for a brilliant Far Cry game. There's nary a shared protagonist or location between the main series' games, so it's trickier than you might think.

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Also tricky is introducing new mechanics to a beloved series without raising the hackles of its hardcore fan base. Halo 5: Guardians could well be 343 finally stepping out of the shadow of Bungie's original design decisions, but do inclusions such as an 'aim down sights' system mess too much with the formula? Find out, along with the five things we learnt about Halo 5 from our brief time with the multiplayer beta, due at the end of this year.

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Finally, get your preferred no-win-no-fee lawyer on the blower because we have identified health and safety accidents waiting to happen in the hazardous workplaces of some of our favourite games. Can't wait to live off the proceeds of that negligence suit payout.

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That's it for this week but for more, including both shenanigans and hijinks in the crisp Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto 5, head to the Outside Xbox YouTube channel.

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