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The Forest now has two-player co-op

Dev expects to up player count in the future.

First-person survival horror game The Forest now has a co-op.

Who needs a head when you've got this many arms?

This is developer Endnight Games' first stab at multiplayer and since the game is still in Early Access, it's warned players to "expect bugs."

"We're really excited to see what you guys think and hear any ideas you have for either additional game modes or additions to the current mode," the developer said in a Steam update. "As this is a first iteration we've limited this mode to two players but expect to increase this in future patches."

The Forest can be purchased for £10.99. Even in its alpha build it managed to unsettle Eurogamer contributor Dan Whitehead who enthusiastically recommended it in his The Forest Early Access review. "There's no shortage of survival sims on the PC at the moment, but while The Forest explores similar territory, it's forging its own unique path," he wrote. "It's certainly the first game of its type that has made me feel genuinely vulnerable and afraid, which is no mean feat. It'll be exciting to see where the developers take it next."

For more on The Forest, watch our YouTube editor Ian Higton brave its mysterious island and spooky inhabitants in his Let's Play below.

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