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October 2014 Archive

    1. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter sells 60K copies in a month
    2. de Blob IP purchased by Nordic Games, could see a comeback
    3. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes gets a permanent price drop
    4. Andy Serkis joins the cast of Volume
    5. Telltale's Game of Thrones will have five playable characters
    6. The Evil Within gets a PC demo
    7. Prey 2 is officially dead, Jim
    8. Video: Halloween spooktacular
    9. The Crew PC specs revealed
    10. Video: Resident Evil joins the survival horror revival
    11. Resogun is heading to PlayStation Vita
    12. Smaller, cheaper, cooler Xbox One processor in development
    13. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U release date changed in the UK
    14. The man who made a game to change the world
    15. PlayStation 4 sales help Sony's game division to profit
    16. GTA: San Andreas HD on Xbox 360 is a mobile port
    17. Eternal Darkness dev Denis Dyack back with ambitious new studio
    18. Project Spark is pulling in two directions at once
    1. Yakuza 0 gets a 15 minute trailer
    2. Watch Dogs has shifted 9 million copies
    3. Steam Halloween Sale is now live
    4. This War of Mine gets a November release date
    5. Games with Gold's November offerings include Red Faction: Guerrilla and Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise
    6. Telltale's Game of Thrones is coming later this year
    7. Sega role-player Valkyria Chronicles announced for PC
    8. Far Cry 4's Battles of Kyrat PVP mode revealed, gameplay shown
    9. Sony postpones Driveclub PS Plus Edition "until further notice"
    10. Assassin's Creed: Unity features World War 2 section
    11. Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires release date announced
    12. Shadow of Mordor Lord of the Hunt DLC details
    13. Gun Monkeys dev revives The Swindle as "Spelunky crossed with Deus Ex"
    14. Exploring the economics of suffering in This War of Mine
    15. Video: Let's Play around with Dragon Age Keep
    16. Nintendo adding pre-downloading to Wii U, starting with Super Smash Bros.
    17. YouTube unlocks 60fps playback
    18. Microsoft Band is a health-focused smart device for your wrist
    19. Keiji Inafune crowdfunding DLC for his crowdfunded Mighty No. 9
    20. Video: Dirty Bomb sees Splash Damage return to its roots
    21. Nintendo details contactless sleep and fatigue sensor
    22. The Evil Within PC update lets you get rid of the letterbox black bars
    23. Dragon Age Keep enters open beta
    24. Halo 2 Anniversary launch trailer shows off fancy pants new cinematics
    1. First-person horror game Grave now coming to PS4
    2. Facebook eyes 100m Oculus Rift sales
    3. Costume Quest 2 is out now on Xbox, coming to Wii U tomorrow.
    4. PlayStation Plus' free November offerings revealed
    5. Video: Watch us play Halo: The Master Chief Collection from 5pm GMT
    6. The Crew to receive a new beta next week
    7. National Video Game Arcade cultural centre announced for Nottingham
    8. Eve Online's Phoebe update could end the mega-battle era
    9. The Xbook Duo is an Xbox One and Xbox 360 in a laptop
    10. Hardware Test: Xbox One
    11. Stealth Inc. 2: A Game of Clones review
    12. Destiny's first expansion The Dark Below takes aim at story criticism
    13. Here's what's in Destiny's The Dark Below expansion
    14. Nintendo earnings improve, but Wii U and 3DS sales still slow
    15. Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata resumes regular work following surgery
    16. Battlefield Hardline release date announced
    17. Destiny's Vault of Glass raid more difficult from today
    18. Star Wars Battlefront out Christmas 2015
    19. Dying Light no longer a PS3 and 360 game
    20. Elite Dangerous Beta 3 goes live
    21. PS4 finally gets its YouTube app
    1. Humble Indie Bundle 13 debuts with OlliOlli and Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs
    2. The Black Glove gets a PS4 version and new trailer
    3. Ex-dictator's lawsuit against Call of Duty maker Activision dismissed
    4. Excitebike returns in Mario Kart 8 DLC track footage
    5. Crusader: No Remorse is free right now on Origin
    6. Video: Watch us play Lords of the Fallen from 5pm GMT
    7. Video: How does Resident Evil 1's new remake look on PlayStation 4?
    8. Existing Grand Theft Auto 5 owners who upgrade get bonus content
    9. Star Wars: X-Wing and Tie Fighter re-releasing on PC
    10. WildStar review
    11. Dinosaurs fight humans in Primal Carnage: Extinction
    12. Double Fine gives Hack 'n' Slash free to Spacebase DF-9 owners
    13. Digital Foundry vs Sunset Overdrive
    14. Tech Analysis: Sunset Overdrive at E3 2014
    15. What's new in PlayStation 4's firmware update 2.0?
    16. Twitch cracks down on "sexually suggestive clothing"
    17. Blizzard botting ban strikes thousands of Hearthstone accounts
    18. Lords of the Fallen review
    1. Big Huge Games returns with DomiNations
    2. Video: Watch us play MX vs. ATV: Supercross from 4.30pm GMT
    3. Bungie promises power matters in Destiny's new and improved Iron Banner
    4. There's another fan attempt to remake Resident Evil 2
    5. The Legend of Korra review
    6. Microsoft announces Xbox One Christmas price cut in US
    7. Evolve alpha key giveaway
    8. Sledgehammer co-founder bemoans Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare leak
    9. Face-Off: Shadow Warrior
    10. Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 enters UK chart in seventh
    11. New SingStar making purchased songs disappear
    12. Slender: The Arrival headed to Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
    1. The search for PlanetSide 2's largest battle
    2. Jade's Empire
    3. Road Trip Adventure is a refreshingly laidback RPG
    1. Video: Unanswered questions from The Evil Within
    2. The problem with video game guns
    1. The extravagant Witcher 3 intro cinematic is here
    2. Dungeon Keeper, War for the Overworld and a helpful developer from EA
    3. Video: Watch us play The Legend of Korra from 5pm BST
    4. Video: Let's Play Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    5. Far Cry 4 Achievements mention new Homestead upgrades, multiplayer and story details
    6. Video: Watch us play through Codemasters' all-new Toybox Turbos
    7. RaceRoom is the best racing game you've never heard of
    8. ESRB: In Dragon Age: Inquisition "fellatio is implied"
    9. Animal survival game Shelter 2 reveals first gameplay
    10. Codemasters making a Micro Machines-style racer called Toybox Turbos
    11. Video: How to play Evolve like a pro
    12. NCSoft layoffs claim 60 from WildStar dev - report
    13. Outlast 2 in development, will feature new characters and setting
    14. Ultra Street Fighter 4 Omega Mode rekindles memories of Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike
    15. Dreamfall Chapters: Book One review
    1. Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty dev updates status on ports
    2. Microsoft shipped 2.4m Xbox consoles last quarter
    3. Assassin's Creed: Unity's PC system requirements revealed
    4. Smash Bros. for Wii U includes eight-player battles
    5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas getting Xbox 360 re-release, leaked Achievements suggest
    6. PS4 firmware update will bring Share Play next week
    7. 3D Realms returns, releases anthology
    8. Dark Souls 2 mod adds first-person option
    9. Video: Watch us play Shadow Warrior from 5pm BST
    10. The Unfinished Swan spreads its wings on PlayStation 4, Vita next week
    11. Guild Wars 2 gem store kerfuffle irritates community
    12. Spec Analysis: iPad Air 2 vs Google Nexus 9
    13. Dead or Alive 5: Last Round release date announced
    14. Shadow Warrior review
    15. Video Games Live concert tour adds Birmingham, Glasgow dates
    16. Skullgirls on PS4 supports some PS3 fight sticks
    17. Shroud of the Avatar gets Steam Early Access release date
    18. Microsoft to end free Xbox Music streaming
    19. Xbox 360 strategy World of Keflings heads to Wii U next month
    20. Xbox One screenshot feature won't be out until 2015
    1. InnerSpace could be the prettiest aerial exploration game on the horizon
    2. Strike Suit Zero dev reveals space combat game Fractured Space
    3. Titanfall's "biggest update ever" adds new co-op mode tomorrow
    4. Former EA CEO John Riccitiello becomes new head of Unity
    5. Halo: Nightfall to debut on 10th November
    6. Microsoft announces Xbox One Kinect adapter for Windows 8
    7. Microsoft launches free, eight-player Xbox One curio Voice Commander
    8. EA execs off the hook in Battlefield 4 'you lied to inflate share price' lawsuit
    9. Video: Watch us play Bayonetta 2 from 4.30pm BST
    10. Mario Kart 8 DLC trailer reveals a familiar retro track
    11. CeX accepting Bitcoin in 30+ UK shops from today
    12. Nintendo 3DS sold 113k in Japan last week
    13. Lords of the Fallen concerns addressed in video
    14. Defense Grid 2 review
    15. Papers Please dev launches demo for new project
    16. Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition PC/Mac release date announced
    17. Xbox One owners get six hours of NBA Live 15 for free
    18. Dev behind Paranautical Activity Steam storm resigns, apologises
    19. The Football Manager Documentary hints at the game's identity crisis
    20. PSN ad uses the font from Xbox One-exclusive Sunset Overdrive
    21. The Very Organised Thief is a first-person burglary sim
    1. Hearthstone is coming to Android tablets before end of year
    2. Black The Fall mixes Limbo and Oddworld in a bleak adventure
    3. Ex-Gone Home dev reveals surreal adventure Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
    4. Elegy for a Dead World launches Kickstarter for final push
    5. The Stanley Parable has sold over a million copies
    6. Metallica to play BlizzCon 2014
    7. Nintendo adding Amiibo support to Hyrule Warriors
    8. Telltale's The Walking Dead PS4, Xbox One release date delayed in Europe
    9. The pre-patch Evil Within we hope you'll never play
    10. Alien Isolation: Corporate Lockdown DLC release date revealed
    11. WipEout co-creator's Table Top Racing: World Tour a timed PS4 exclusive
    12. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax heads to Europe in November
    13. Free Black Hand skin and epic runes in Shadow of Mordor DLC
    14. Civilization 5 free to play for a few days
    15. Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley headed to Europe in Q1 2015
    16. FIFA 15 patch addresses shooting and goalkeepers
    17. Assassin's Creed: Unity takes a daring leap back to the series' origins
    18. More Assassin's Creed Chronicles spin-offs planned
    19. Konami takes aim at Ultimate Team with PES 2015
    20. Planetary Annihilation dev cans Human Resources Kickstarter
    21. Xbox One Digital TV Tuner available today in the UK
    22. Valve pulls game from Steam following dev's tweet threatening Gabe Newell
    1. République: Episode 3 is due this week
    2. Dead Rising movie will star Rob Riggle as Frank West
    3. Spelunky's creator is writing a book about its development
    4. The Evil Within's God Mode cheat lets you run around headless
    5. Far Cry 4 Season Pass brings PvP and yetis
    6. Jade Raymond leaves Ubisoft after a decade
    7. Face-Off: FIFA 15
    8. Doctor Who game aims to teach kids to code
    9. Video: Karma, rhinos and wrestling bears - let's talk Far Cry 4
    10. COD: Advanced Warfare a mere 55GB on PC
    11. Two discs "wasn't practical" for Halo: Master Chief Collection
    12. Alan R Moon, railroad tycoon
    13. Surgeon Simulator dev reveals first slice of I Am Bread gameplay
    14. Final Fantasy 14: Heavensward expansion adds new race, airships
    15. UK gov changing law to get tough on internet trolling
    16. FIFA 15 holds off The Evil Within, Borderlands in UK chart
    17. Yet more footage of the canned Star Wars: Battlefront 3
    18. Ratings board lists Limbo for Xbox One
    19. "Majority" of DriveClub owners can now connect online
    20. Hyper Light Drifter: Exploring October's beta
    1. Meeting Mikami
    2. Dino Crisis is Shinji Mikami's forgotten gem
    1. Far Cry 4 adds karmic balance and tactical beehives
    2. Digital Foundry: Hands-on with COD: Advanced Warfare multiplayer
    3. Walking is the new shooting
    1. Trine series has sold over 7 million copies
    2. Face-Off: The Evil Within
    3. Night at the Museum director tapped to helm Minecraft movie
    4. Civilian massacring game Hatred courts controversy, gets it
    5. Halo: The Master Chief Collection has 20GB day one patch to unlock multiplayer
    6. Camelot Unchained pre-alpha goes well, has pictures
    7. Project Cars delayed until March 2015 to avoid competition, raise quality
    8. We cannot let this become gaming culture
    9. E3 organiser and trade group ESA speaks out against GamerGate
    10. Apple unveils iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac Retina 5K, new Mac Mini
    11. Video: Far Cry 4 has asymmetrical multiplayer
    12. Destiny leak reveals raid gear from upcoming DLC
    13. Five talking points from World of Warcraft's 6.0.2 patch
    14. PlayStation 4 system update adds USB background music
    15. Destiny launch almost triples monthly US PlayStation 4 sales
    1. Biofeedback-based horror game Nevermind tailors its scares to you
    2. The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo is a nostalgic, creepy trip down memory lane
    3. Why variety is key for Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault
    4. The Crew will let players adjust their frame-rate on PC
    5. Face-Off: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
    6. Google announces $99 Nexus Player Android console
    7. Halo: Spartan Strike is the follow-up to Spartan Assault
    8. Is it possible to run The Evil Within on PC at a locked 1080p60?
    9. Hyrule Warriors horse DLC now available
    10. Video: How not to co-op in Far Cry 4
    11. Pre-order Ultimate NES Remix and get a snazzy NES cap
    12. Shadow of Mordor patch adds versatile Photo Mode
    13. Assassin's Creed: Rogue is more than the cash-grab it could have been
    14. Costume Quest 2 review
    15. DriveClub dev "had confidence" servers would work
    16. Microsoft rolls out Xbox One October system update
    17. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare blossoms on EA Access
    1. Nintendo now lets you buy eShop games on the web, download to console
    2. Sakurai teases a couple of Wii U-exclusive Super Smash Bros. modes
    3. The Humble Mozilla Bundle brings FTL to your browser
    4. Steam lets you play 10 full games for free this weekend
    5. Saints Row: Gat out of Hell release date tweaked
    6. Performance Analysis: The Evil Within
    7. Video: The journey of a cosplayer, part three
    8. F1 2014 review
    9. Xbox One Assassin's Creed: Unity bundles announced
    10. Chris Roberts unveils Star Citizen planetside gameplay
    11. World of Warcraft Patch 6.0.2 guide
    12. Alien vs. Predator (2000) free on GOG until Friday
    13. Shovel Knight heads to 3DS and Wii U in Europe next month
    14. Nintendo's New 3DS and 3DS XL make strong start in Japan
    15. World of Warcraft subs up to 7.4m ahead of Warlords of Draenor
    16. Anita Sarkeesian cancels university speech following school shooting threat
    17. The PlayBook 4 is a $1400 PlayStation 4 laptop
    18. Bungie pays tribute to Destiny's famous loot cave
    19. Amazon Game Studios announces exclusive titles from Frontier and WayForward
    20. Why Ajay Ghale isn't the real star of Far Cry 4
    21. Battlefield 4: The redefinition of Early Access
    1. Torchlight and Diablo devs reveal space combat sim Rebel Galaxy
    2. Killer Instinct Season 2 details emerge
    3. Vine is now an Xbox One app
    4. The Flame in the Flood meets its Kickstarter goal in a week
    5. Surprise! The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season out now for Xbox One
    6. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare gets a release date on consoles
    7. Pokémon Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire let you fly freely around Hoenn
    8. Video: Watch us play The Evil Within from 5pm BST
    9. Video: What's different in the censored version of The Evil Within?
    10. Standalone Glacier White PS4 goes on sale in the UK this Friday
    11. Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel review
    12. The Evil Within PC debug console commands unlock god mode, infinite ammo, more
    13. Saints Row: The Cooler was a motion-controlled brawler spin-off
    14. Unity reportedly up for sale
    15. Bungie nerfs Destiny Auto Rifles, Vex Mythoclast, Rocket Yard
    16. Pix the Cat review
    1. Looking for the wow factor in Warlords of Draenor
    2. PC gamers get Assassin's Creed Rogue early 2015
    3. Kevin Smith and Conan O'Brien play themselves in Lego Batman 3
    4. Vita FPS Killzone Mercenary gets PlayStation TV support
    5. Video: Watch us play Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel
    6. South Park Pinball stages are coming via Zen Studios
    7. Nintendo announces month of Donkey Kong eShop deals
    8. Chronicle: RuneScape Legends card battler revealed
    9. Destiny averages 3.2m players every day
    10. Resident Evil TV series to debut following final movie
    11. World of Warcraft Patch 6.0.2 release date revealed
    12. Minecraft: Pocket Edition headed to Windows Phone
    13. Alien: Isolation enters UK chart in second place
    1. The fans who would fix Tomb Raider's most broken adventure
    2. The man who made Conker - Rare's most adult game
    3. Face-Off: Alien: Isolation
    4. Console wars, compact discs and Whigfield: Remembering Vib-Ribbon
    1. Video: The first half-decent Sherlock Holmes game?
    2. The making of Forza Horizon 2
    3. Let's have more games that show rather than tell
    4. Children of Morta's pixel art is truly a sight to behold
    1. Dragon Age: Inquisition is 1080p on PS4, 900p on Xbox One
    2. Final Fantasy 13 PC gets a mod to overcome its 720p lock
    3. Pirate adventure Raven's Cry release date set back to November
    4. Dark Souls 2 dev reveals which bosses people failed at most often
    5. Lindsay Lohan steps up Rockstar legal battle over GTA5 character
    6. Video: How many Batmans are in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham?
    7. Blizzard buffing Diablo 3 ROS console players today
    8. Unused Super Smash Bros. 3DS files hint at eight-player mode
    9. What the hell is Gamechurch?
    10. Microsoft's indie parity clause exists so Xbox One owners feel "first class"
    11. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker footage introduces Captain Toadette
    12. Solo Dragon Age: Inquisition has ~200 hours of content
    13. Face-Off: Ryse on PC
    14. LittleBigPlanet 3 release date delayed slightly in Europe
    15. Ubisoft hits back at Assassin's Creed: Unity downgrade claims
    16. Civilization: Beyond Earth makes the space race a marathon effort
    17. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy gets a release date on 3DS
    18. Destiny player finds another under construction DLC area
    1. Sony's PS4-streaming smartphone gets a US release date
    2. Xeodrifter merges Metroid, Mutant Mudds and Moon
    3. Bayonetta 2 demo is out now
    4. Catwoman gets re-imagined by Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura
    5. Sony "temporarily holding back" DriveClub's free PlayStation Plus edition
    6. Hotline Miami 2 delayed until "late 2014 or early 2015"
    7. The Wolf Among Us gets a retail release date
    8. Exploring the handcrafted delight of Lumino City
    9. Football Manager 2015 release date announced
    10. Video: What happened to Evolve's Velvet Worm?
    11. Shadow of Mordor is wise to focus on the baddies
    12. Total War: Rome 2 re-review
    13. Bah! EA patched out that hilarious FIFA 15 bug
    14. Evolve alpha release date announced
    15. Destiny developer Bungie calls for Iron Banner feedback
    16. Road Redemption Early Access review
    17. Halo 2 map Warlock becomes Warlord in Halo: The Master Chief Collection
    18. Chinese mobile game uploaded nude videos of players without telling them
    19. Capcom: no new Darkstalkers any time soon
    20. Battlefield 4 Premium Edition out later this month
    21. Xbox One to get themes, background pics, screenshot feature
    22. Inside Star Citizen's grey market
    23. Minecraft PlayStation Vita release date finally announced
    24. You can push The Evil Within beyond 30fps on PC
    25. Octodad: Dadliest Catch's free DLC is due next week
    26. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions release date set for November
    1. Alien: Isolation gets Oculus Rift support via fan hack
    2. Papo & Yo dev's latest, Spirits of Spring, is out now on iOS
    3. Square Enix is suing SNK Playmore
    4. Dragon Age: Origins is free on Origin
    5. Samus and Zero Suit Samus costumes in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
    6. Video: Watch us play Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition from 4pm BST
    7. No DLC for Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox 360
    8. WildStar calls off Christmas, Halloween content
    9. Digital Foundry vs DriveClub
    10. GRID: Autosport patch adds "experimental" Oculus Rift support
    11. Wii U GameCube controller adapter compatible with more than just Smash Bros.
    12. Virtual reality Batcave headed to Oculus Rift
    13. Console Diablo 3 patch 2.1.0 "just around the corner"
    14. Ex-BioShock devs reveal survival sim The Flame in the Flood
    15. The many styles of Mortal Kombat X
    16. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is Cross-Buy for PS3 and PS4
    17. PlayStation Now's PS TV and Vita open beta begins next week in North America
    1. Ex-BioShock devs launch Kickstarter for surreal mystery The Black Glove
    2. Destiny player finds way to access future DLC area
    3. 2.5D platforming shooter Rive confirmed for PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and Steam
    4. Halo 2: Anniversary campaign isn't quite 1080p, Microsoft confirms
    5. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth developer teases Wii U release
    6. Ex-WayForward dev's platformer Adventures of Pip succeeds Kickstarter goal
    7. Kingdom Come: Deliverance alpha begins 22nd October
    8. 3DS system update adds themes, image share tool
    9. Myst to be reborn as a TV series and game tie-in
    10. Video: Watch us play Alien: Isolation's DLC from 5pm BST
    11. Hugh Laurie, Peter Serafinowicz join Stephen Fry for LittleBigPlanet 3
    12. Super Smash Bros. Wii U and Amiibo release dates announced
    13. Microsoft insists Master Chief remains "integral" part of Halo 5: Guardians
    14. Nintendo to focus on Nintendo Direct and social media following Official Nintendo Magazine closure
    15. DriveClub review
    16. Ubisoft defends Assassin's Creed: Unity graphics lock for parity on PS4, Xbox One
    17. Performance Analysis: Alien: Isolation
    18. Project Spark leaves beta, boxed Starter Pack disc detailed
    19. Kingdom Hearts 3 switches to Unreal Engine 4
    20. Divekick launches on PS4 and Xbox One this week
    21. Epic Mickey 2, Pure and Split/Second launch on Steam
    22. Dragon Age Keep was once World Vault for DA2
    23. A league of their own
    24. Destiny ditches balance with PVP mode Iron Banner
    25. Mapping the interior in The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
    26. Dedicated man shreds through Dark Souls 2 with a guitar controller
    27. Skullgirls' Eliza DLC pulled from XBLA due to two-year-old bug
    1. Disney removes Tiny Death Star without telling the developer
    2. Vib Ribbon is coming to European PS3s and Vitas next week
    3. Bloodborne alpha's unfinished secret area reveals new boss
    4. Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion Shadow of Revan announced
    5. The Crew release date set for December
    6. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes gets a Steam release date
    7. Ex-PlayStation Home devs want to build a new virtual world for PS4
    8. Female character option cut from Assassin's Creed: Unity co-op
    9. Bungie discussing matchmaking for Destiny's Raid
    10. UK chart: Shadow of Mordor biggest launch for a game based on Lord of the Rings
    11. Sakaguchi's Terra Battle out this week
    12. FlatOut dev's Next Car Game now Wreckfest
    13. Microsoft Research's RoomAlive is IllumiRoom evolved
    14. The game developer, the CIA, and the sculpture driving them crazy
    1. Video: The journey of a cosplayer, part two
    2. Firaxis opens its doors at the first Firaxicon
    3. Face-Off: Forza Horizon 2
    4. Video: The scariest things in The Evil Within (so far)
    5. Sid Meier's cultural victory
    6. Aliens versus Predator retrospective
    1. Face-Off: Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor
    2. Video: Do you want to see Alien: Isolation's Blade Runner easter egg?
    3. Touch the future: meet the games embracing the material world
    1. Demon's Souls still feels fresher than its "Dark" successors
    2. Video: Join in our Forza Horizon 2 live-stream
    3. Doctor Who Minecraft pack launches today for Xbox 360
    4. Eyes-on with PC Shadow of Mordor's 6GB ultra-HD textures
    5. EGX 2014: Game of the Show
    6. Tickets for EGX Rezzed 2015 go on sale
    7. Steam Curators must now disclose paid-for recommendations
    8. Video: Why there's no Lord of the Rings in Shadow of Mordor's title
    9. Bethesda warns: you should have 4GB of VRAM to play The Evil Within PC
    10. Lynx-starring survival game Shelter 2 delayed until Q1 2015
    11. Twitch tightens policy on paid or sponsored content
    12. Pillars of Eternity's release delayed to early 2015
    13. Super Smash Bros. 3DS requires day one patch to play online
    1. Telltale's The Walking Dead gets PS4 and Xbox One release date
    2. Video: Shadow of Mordor live stream
    3. Hearthstone's Naxxramas board added to competitive play
    4. GTA Online adds Last Team Standing update
    5. The patch helps, but Destiny still has a loot problem
    6. PlayStation Network returns online after worldwide connection issues
    7. Dragon Age: Inquisition's multiplayer is a first draft with potential
    8. Banner Saga launches on iOS today at £7
    9. Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Ivory King review
    10. Civ 4 designer swaps culture for commodities in Offworld Trading Company
    11. Microsoft dissatisfied with Xbox One's slow Japan launch
    12. PlayStation Vita update adds support for themes
    13. EA will patch swimming pools, ghosts, Star Wars costumes into The Sims 4
    14. Kickstarter games in 2014 are making less than half what they did last year
    1. Portal 2 improves brain training more than software designed for that, says science
    2. Destiny 1.0.2 patch changes how Engrams work
    3. Angry Birds film casts Peter Dinklage, Bill Hader and Jason Sudeikis
    4. Hearthstone's next expansion will add over 100 cards
    5. PlayStation Plus' October offerings include DriveClub, Spelunky and Dust: An Elysian Tail
    6. Video: Crafting and customisation in Dragon Age: Inquisition
    7. EGX 2015 headed to Birmingham NEC next September
    8. Civilization: Beyond Earth gameplay video goes in-depth
    9. As Star Citizen hits $55m, Chris Roberts insists all money goes back into development
    10. Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty gets old school controls
    11. Zelda and Sheik are separate Smash Bros. characters due to 3DS limitations
    12. Thomas Was Alone out on PS4, Xbox One and Wii U Nov 2014
    13. Crytek updates Warface with new maps and gameplay changes
    14. What did Alien director Ridley Scott actually do for Halo: Nightfall?
    15. Sony confirms wheels that work with PS4 racer DriveClub
    16. Dead Rising: Watchtower film will be "Indiana Jones with zombies"
    17. 3DS mod adds GameCube controller support
    18. Eliza added to fighting game Skullgirls Encore
    19. Xbox One? "DayZ is definitely going to be a multi-platform title"
    20. Pixel Poetry review
    21. FBI charges four hackers with stealing from Microsoft, Epic and Zombie Studios
    22. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition is coming to retail a month after its PS4 brethren