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Strike Suit Zero dev reveals space combat game Fractured Space

Play as massive ships in five vs. five battles.

Strike Suit Zero devs have formed the new studio Edge Case Games where they're working on the newly announced five vs. five space combat game Fractured Space

Unlike Strike Suite Zero, Fractured Space is more about tactics than dogfighting as you'll be controlling massive capital ships with deep customisation options so no two teams will ever be the same.

"Fractured Space is an ambitious project we have wanted to do for quite some time, and we're very excited to now confirm its development," said Edge Case Games CEO James Brooksby. "Above all else we want to transmit a sense of scale to the player - the feeling of participating in a massive space battle inside their own titanic capital ship, blasting apart enemy ships and working together with other players to achieve a common objective."

Fractured Space is due to launch on Steam Early Access later this year and will be free-to-play upon its 1.0 release in 2015. Those who get it early will get exclusive goodies like unique ships, crew, boosters and ranks.

Eurogamer contributor Rich Stanton found Strike Suit Zero a disappointment, but he saw some potential in the developer anyway. "Clearly the components of Strike Suit Zero are well-polished and the team behind it talented in certain areas," he said in his Strike Suite Zero review before slagging it off as a "miserable time". But he also noted that "Some simple patches could improve much of Strike Suit Zero, and perhaps they will," so hopefully this time the folks at Edge Case will stick the landing.

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