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Final Fantasy 13 PC gets a mod to overcome its 720p lock

Durante saves the day once again.

Yesterday Final Fantasy 13 launched on Steam, but there was one problem: its resolution was locked to 1280x720. Thankfully, modder Durante - the hacker who saved the day when Dark Souls and Deadly Premonition suffered similar resolution woes on PC - has released a mod to fix this nonsense.

His resolution-enhancing toolset GeDoSaTo is being updated, and it includes a pre-alpha version of a custom plugin for Final Fantasy 13 that allows the game to support resolutions up to 3840×2160.

Since it's still in pre-alpha form, there are some bugs in the ointment, such as some "off-by-a-bit scaling issues, making the output less sharp than it should be in some circumstances," the depth-of-field effects are stuck in low-res, and the game crashes when you try to take a screenshot using GeDoSaTo.

"The game performs really well from what I've seen, both GPU and CPU-wise. But their frame limiting/pacing stuff sometimes seems to bug out," Durante noted. But what can you expect from a free fan-made update of a game that's only been out for a day?