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Video: What's different in the censored version of The Evil Within?

The Evil Without.

The Evil Within's out today (and no, we don't have a review just yet - Bethesda didn't supply us with early code though we're hoping to have our thoughts with you towards the end of the week) and it's allowed us an opportunity to look at what exactly's different in the censored version that's being released in Japan. While our friends in Asia get the much more awesome title of Psycho Break, they don't get the considerable amount of gore in Shinji Mikami's return to survival horror - for that, they have to download special Gore DLC, a workaround that's allowed The Evil Within to release with a slightly lower age rating.

Ian Higton has used the special gore mode in the western version to see where the differences are, and the results are surprising - it's not just a dam to the fountains of blood, but also a filter on the way disembodied corpses are represented in the game. They've also cut the sausages, which is profoundly disappointing. Have a look at the comparison yourself below.

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