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Dead Rising movie will star Rob Riggle as Frank West

Now called Dead Rising: Watchtower.

The Dead Rising movie - now dubbed Dead Rising: Watchtower - will star actor and comedian Rob Riggle as Frank West, Legendary has announced.

Rob Riggle.

You may remember Riggle as the antagonist in 21 Jump Street, but he's been a character actor in a number of other projects like Saturday Night Live, Modern Family, The Hangover, 30 Rock, Arrested Development and Wilfred. You'll likely know his face, if not his name.

Other new additions to the cast include Harley Morenstein (Epic Meal Empire, Tusk), Keegan Connor Tracey (Bates Motel, Once Upon A Time) and Aleks Paunovic (This Means War).

Morenstein will play a "menacing biker" named Pyro, Tracey will assume the role of Jordan, a "straight-laced journalist", and Paunovic will play Logan, the head of the biker gang that Pyro is in.

Previously announced cast members include Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Virginia Madsen and Dennis Haysbert.

As far what the film will be about, Legendary offered the following synopsis:

"Dead Rising: Watchtower takes place during a large-scale zombie outbreak. When a mandatory government vaccine fails to stop the infection from spreading, the four leads must evade infection while also pursuing the root of the epidemic, with all signs pointing to a government conspiracy. Politics, public paranoia, and media coverage play an important role in the story's narrative."

The movie's director Zach Lipovsky has previously likened the upcoming film to "Indiana Jones with zombies".

Dead Rising: Watchtower will debut on Sony's streaming service Crackle before later being distributed on DVD.