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Given how frequently video game characters take damage, you'd think most developers would be medical experts by now. Sadly, that couldn't be farther from the truth; you only need glance at some of the healing methods in video games to know that something is rotten in the hospitals of Denmark.

Dead Rising: Watchtower comes to Xbox a week early

Despite it being on Sony's streaming service Crackle.

Dead Rising: Watchtower, the live-action film based on Capcom's popular open-world zombie series, is coming to Xbox consoles a week early, Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has announced.

Watch the Dead Rising film's debut trailer

Dead Rising: Watchtower, the film based on Capcom's open-mall zombie series, has received its first trailer.

Starring comedian Rob Riggle (The Daily Show, 21 Jump Street) and Academy Award nominee Virginia Madsen (Sideways), Dead Rising: Watchtower will debut on 27th March on Sony Pictures Television's streaming service Crackle. Other stations will air it episodically.

Director Zach Lipovsky (Leprechaun: Origins) said he wanted to make the movie like "Indiana Jones with zombies" in terms of tone.

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The Dead Rising movie gets a March release date

The Dead Rising movie gets a March release date

Some stations will air it episodically.

Dead Rising: Watchtower, the live-action film starring funnyman Rob Riggle, will debut on 27th March on Sony Pictures Television's streaming service Crackle.

After its Crackle release, Dead Rising: Watchtower will eventually come to other digital services and physical media. According to GameInformer, some video on demand distribution channels will air the movie episodically instead of as a feature film.

Director Zach Lipovsky (Leprechaun: Origins) has previously compared the upcoming horror comedy's tone to "Indiana Jones with zombies" with "fun, scary, dramatic action".

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Before the Xbox One celebrates its first birthday this November, a pair of its exclusive launch titles - Dead Rising 3 and Ryse - will have made their way to PC. Dead Rising 3 is perhaps the more interesting and ripe for an enhanced PC release, with its large urban environment and dense zombie mobs. Capcom Vancouver helmed this conversion itself and we were excited to see what the studio might achieve on the less restrictive PC platform. The developer's previous PC work on Dead Rising 2 wasn't particularly stellar, with plenty of performance issues on hardware well beyond the recommended specs, but still, we were optimistic.

Digital FoundryHow to remove Dead Rising 3 PC's 30fps cap

Plus Digital Foundry reports on some extraordinary hardware requirements.

One of the first things we discovered when we began testing the PC version of Dead Rising 3 this week is that the Capcom game ships with a 30 frames-per-second cap that cannot be adjusted within the options screen. Instead, in order to unlock higher frame-rates you need to generate your own custom user.ini file and put it in the game's installation directory. And not only that, but the game defaults to 720p resolution, so you have to dig deep into the options to access higher pixel-counts.

Dead Rising 3 PC release date announced

Dead Rising 3 PC release date announced

Plus, Capcom moves to calm frame-rate concern.

The PC version of zombie kill 'em up Dead Rising 3 launches on 5th September 2014, Capcom has announced.

The game is part of the ongoing Steam Summer Sale, where there's 25 per cent off its standard 39.99 pre-order price.

Meanwhile, Capcom moved to address concern around the PC version's frame-rate.

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Ridiculous Dead Rising 3 DLC announced, available today on Xbox One

Capcom has announced Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition DX Plus Alpha, an add-on for Dead Rising 3.

The expansion is available today on Xbox One and will let you "cosplay as your favourite Capcom character", including all the Dead Rising heroes to date.

Super moves and power-ups feature, and up to four players can play at once.

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Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 spotted on Steam

Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 spotted on Steam

UPDATE: Confirmed for PC this summer with updated visuals.

UPDATE 5/6/14 4.10pm: Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 will launch for PC this summer on disc and via Steam, publisher Capcom has confirmed.

The new version will offer "fully optimised visuals" for wide screen displays, plus "upgraded textures" for characters, backgrounds and in-game objects.

Steam Achievements and Trading Cards, Steam Cloud support and global leaderboards will also be included, as will the ability to switch between a controller or keyboard and mouse.

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Dead Rising 3 sales rise to 1.2m as Capcom enjoys profit boost

Dead Rising 3 sales rise to 1.2m as Capcom enjoys profit boost

But it's Monster Hunter 4 that steals the show.

Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 has now sold 1.2m copies, Capcom has said.

Reporting its financial year ending 31st March 2014, the Japanese company highlighted its zombie kill 'em up alongside the PC, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360 version of Resident Evil Revelations and Nintendo 3DS game Monster Hunter 4 as million-sellers.

But it was Monster Hunter 4 which was the star of the show. It launched in September 2013 in Japan and has now sold 4.1m units, making it the sixth best-selling Capcom game ever. Capcom said it saw "explosive popularity with long lines forming at major retailers across the nation since the release date". It was a smash hit, Capcom added. The series has now sold over 28m copies. Monster Hunter 4 launches on these shores in expanded form in early 2015.

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Does the 13GB Dead Rising 3 patch boost performance?

Dead Rising 3 certainly displays Capcom Vancover's desire to create an ambitious showcase for Microsoft's new machine, boasting a seamless open-world environment and almost three times as many enemies on screen as in Dead Rising 2. However, while the sense of scope and level of detail on offer are certainly impressive, things aren't quite so refined on a technical level, with frame-rate issues and visible texture pop-in giving the game a distinctly rough appearance when combined with the upscaled 720p presentation.

This week, a mammoth update weighing in at around 13GB went live, with the hefty download setting the stage for the next DLC while tackling a number of problems inherent in the final release of the game. Among the multitude of bug fixes and stability enhancements, the patch promises some performance upgrades in order to deliver a smoother and more refined experience than what we've seen so far. With that in mind we were curious to see what kind of improvements had been made to the game's often unruly frame-rate.

For our analysis of the update, we went back and re-captured gameplay from the first few missions of the game, with and without the update installed. As expected, pre-patch performance is variable when the engine is under stress, with explosions and complex scenery impacting the frame-rate when driving through the city at speed. Boss battles and fierce scraps in more confined locations are better handled, and in these areas the game makes a good fist of hitting 30fps on a regular basis. That said, it's hard to escape the realisation that drops in smoothness occur frequently across a general run of play.

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If you've got an Xbox One and Dead Rising 3 sitting in your house somewhere, chances are you've already got its freshly launched DLC add-on Operation Broken Eagle - how else to explain that whopping 13GB update? You might be in two minds whether to part with the money to unlock the thing, though, even if it's been impolite enough to guzzle up your bandwidth. And that's where the lovely Ian Higton comes in, a man who braves the wilds of new games so you don't have to. Or at least so you can figure out whether it's worth you heading there yourselves.

13GB Dead Rising 3 update released ahead of Operation Broken Eagle DLC

13GB Dead Rising 3 update released ahead of Operation Broken Eagle DLC

Upgrades performance and stability, Microsoft says.

Capcom Vancouver has released a huge 13GB title update for Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 ahead of the launch of the Operation Broken Eagle downloadable episode.

The DLC, which launches tomorrow, includes performance and stability upgrades, Microsoft said. Ahead of release Digital Foundry discovered Dead Rising 3's framerate sometimes dropped below the 30fps mark while maintaining a 720p resolution.

In a Q&A on Xbox Wire, executive producer Josh Bridge said Capcom Vancouver had kept an eye on feedback as it prepared the game's first major update.

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Microsoft hikes price of Xbox One exclusives by 5

Microsoft hikes price of Xbox One exclusives by 5

"Ultimately pricing and promotions will vary by region."

Microsoft has hiked the price of its Xbox One exclusive games by 5 on the Xbox Games Store.

When the Xbox One launched on 22nd November the digital versions of Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome and Forza Motorsport 5 were available for 44.99. Now, they're 49.99.

Microsoft failed to explain the decision when contacted by Eurogamer, but did point to potential deals and promotions that may be announced in the future.

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Xbox One outsells Xbox 360 two-to-one in UK launch

Xbox One outsells Xbox 360 two-to-one in UK launch

UPDATE: Sold around 150,000, report claims.

UPDATE: Xbox One sold around 150,000 in the UK during its launch, according to a report by MCV.

The Xbox 360 sold 70,000 units during its launch eight years ago.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Xbox One outsold the Xbox 360 two-to-one in the UK when you compare both console's launch periods.

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All the Xbox One launch games and their install sizes

All the Xbox One launch games and their install sizes

UPDATE: More download prices added, including FIFA, Forza and Dead Rising.

The Xbox One launches with a number of games available to download. Now the embargo on the console itself has lifted, we learn each title's install size and price in pounds.

At the time of publication prices for all but a few games are available.

First, the big list of Xbox One launch games (if the size and/or price isn't listed, it was unavailable for us - this will of course change for you when the console launches on Friday 22nd November).

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Dead Rising 3 review

Dead Rising 3 review

Edible complex.

Dead Rising 3 takes place in the city of Los Perdidos, a very loose rendering of Los Angeles in California, and Capcom Vancouver may live to regret that choice. Not because Los Perdidos is poorly put together - split into four districts linked by freeways, it's host to plenty of interesting locations - but because it's impossible not to compare it to the other game we played this year that took on the City of Angels. Grand Theft Auto 5, with its astonishing attention to detail and beautiful art direction, makes Dead Rising 3 look like it's struggling with the limitations of ageing hardware.

It's not though; it's an Xbox One launch title, although it may be a while before you believe that. The first minutes of the game are some of its worst, as pixels crawl along the jagged edges of road signs while canned shots of the surroundings strain to set the scene against the weight of slowdown. Slipping into the mechanic's overalls of Nick Ramos, players are dumped in a dingy tunnel full of boxy cars, rigid cloth tents and dodgy textures. The controller lag is jarring as you wrestle Nick around, fumbling to pick up desired objects in a swarm of competing contextual prompts, bashing zombies with whatever you can.

You never escape Dead Rising 3's technical shortcomings, particularly the slowdown, but once you make it out of this freeway tunnel and into Los Perdidos proper, at least you do stop worrying about them. Nick would be an awkward star of a third-person shooter, but his lumbering movement and strange jumping behaviour are more acceptable when you're carving a path through masses of zombies in an open-world brawler, where the game's performance and detail levels also matter less. 'Masses' is right, too, because there are often hundreds of zombies on-screen, and with vehicles dotted around to speed your progress through the large city, you cut through thousands a day.

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Confirmed with surprising openness to be running at a straight 720p resolution at 30fps, Dead Rising 3 has much to prove to early Xbox One buyers. While many will be looking for evidence of a generational shift in terms of graphics and performance - ideally both - it's clear that development of this game has perhaps not been been as smooth as Capcom Vancouver would have preferred, appearing as it did with copious pop-in, tearing and serious frame-rate issues at Microsoft's 2013 E3 booth. But, raising its head once again at a London event, we're given an unfiltered hands-on with the title to see whether the extra months of development have given it a much-needed turnaround.

Watch Dead Rising 3's most ridiculous weapons in action

Plus: Outside Xbox looks into the One's upgrades to Live.

Dead Rising 3's new combo weapons are the most ridiculous and most devastating yet. See for yourself in the videos below, Eurogamers, which include new Dead Rising 3 gameplay, along with the Xbox One's impending changes for Xbox Live.

Capcom expects Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 to sell 1.2m

Capcom expects to sell 1.2 million copies of Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3.

The figure was revealed in a document released alongside the Japanese company's financial report for the first half of the financial year ending 31st March 2014.

The 1.2 million figure is below lifetime sales for previous games in the open world zombie kill 'em up series: 2006 Xbox 360 game Dead Rising shifted 1.8 million, and 2010 sequel Dead Rising 2, which launched on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, has sold 2.7 million. It should be noted, however, that as an Xbox One exclusive launch title, Dead Rising 3 has a limited install base to sell to.

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Capcom may shed half its European staff

Continental belts tightened as core titles underperform.

Capcom is preparing to slash its European operation by more than half, according to the UK trade magazine MCV. "More than half of the European arm faces redundancy, with a number of jobs set to merge," reads the report.

Where are the Xbox One role-playing games?

Phil Spencer on the Xbox One launch lineup, Japan and more.

Xbox One has a mammoth 23 games confirmed for release on day one in November, more than many expected - but there's a distinct lack of role-playing games available to play.

Bigger really is better: Dead Rising 3 preview

I very keenly remember the first time I saw Dead Rising. Back in 2005 Microsoft was the first out of the gate with the Xbox 360, and I couldn't have cared less. I was still quite happy with the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube generation and every early Xbox 360 game I saw just looked like a fancier skinned Xbox game. Then I saw Dead Rising. It wasn't a showstopper graphically, but it did something not possible with the previous gen's technology. It created a world where hundreds of zombies could co-exist in the same place.

So when Dead Rising 3 was announced I wondered what it could do to push the hardware even further. The answer: bigger locations with more zombies. Having seen a 20-minute presentation of the Xbox One-exclusive E3, I'm delighted to say that this rather obvious direction still manages to wow.

Where the first two Dead Rising games were confined to a mall, this third numbered entry expands the scale to an entire town. Thankfully, the zombie count has been increased so drastically that even with the massively expanded real estate, navigation is still a sticky wicket. It actually appears to be harder than ever. In the last couple of Dead Rising games, the zombies themselves didn't pose much of a threat as you could just run past them most of the time. This time around, you'll frequently find yourself in that classic scenario where you're trapped on a roof with a writhing sea of the undead shuffling below, and you'll need to find a way past them.

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Dead Rising 2 developer working on new IP

Plus a second "AAA" title - Dead Rising 3?

Capcom Vancouver, the developer behind Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising: Off The Record, is working on a brand new IP, according to a recruitment call from the studio.